Monday, January 8, 2018


I will say this for Zoltan. He was NEVER afraid. He NEVER hid. And he is right to call out the cowards who hide behind their rocks but have no problem throwing stones at those of us who put our names and faces to our beliefs. Good on you, Zoltan. You are worthy warrior. 

  • Dear Anonymous at 2:09 am

    Rohr's purpose of digging up any information on Zoltan was to get him in trouble with his job. He managed to dig up information that Zoltan wrote about 11 years ago. Notice Rohr's last statement? It was addressed to Dr. Underwood. While it is true that Zoltan made some negative remarks about people with Aspergers Syndrome, Rohr was only telling half the truth. The next day, this is what Zoltan stated:

    testing_the_truth October 17, 2006
    Oops, I made some exaggarated statements here about people suffering from Asperger syndrome. I apologize! I apparently misunderstood some aspects of this contition. I found some information handily available on the Internet to better understand Asperger syndrome, that helped me a lot.


    That was what Zoltan wrote the next day after he made those negative remarks. He apologized and retracted his previous statement. This was what Rohr omitted from his blog. Telling half-truths while omitting pertinant information and then addressing Zoltan's boss with the intention of getting him in trouble at work is not freedom of speech. It is a tactic of manipulation. 

  • Diana, I cannot endorse what you say. I am sorry. It was my conflict with Rohr and we have already moved on. It is you who is digging up things.