Monday, February 12, 2018


Posted by Frenchie

Adrian Cristobal, aka the back stabber, aka the prince of darkness


Jeffrey San Nicolas, aka the crying priest.

Two years ago, before we could even see a glimmer of hope on the horizon, and before Apuron ran away to Rome, to claim he was the victim of a left wing conspiracy ( a year prior, it was a conservative conspiracy, take your pick), never to return here, and confront his accusers; a debate on this site had emerged, regarding the rebuilding of our Archdiocese, should the best scenario materialize.
Tim, myself and several others pointed out that thirty years of corruption, poor management and a lack of involvement by the local clergy, were at the root of the crisis we were finding ourselves into.
Therefore we surmised that the challenge we were facing would be huge and would need the participation of many of the people that had done nothing prior to this.

Others were arguing that if Apuron was gone, all our problems would leave with him, and things would somehow fall in place, Guam returning to a more peaceful environment, and the Church finding its way once again.

Almost two years later, and slightly one year past the arrival of our new Archbishop, the dust has settled somewhat, despite the best efforts of the NCW, and other nefarious actors. Yet all is far from being peaceful.

I shall not gloss over the huge remaining challenges facing this Archdiocese, in regards to the settlement of the numerous lawsuits about children sex abuse, reorganization of the whole administration at the chancery, as well as rebuilding ties across our Church, and with the rest of the island; and of course how to deal with all the well meaning members of the way, who have been led astray by this sect.

As we had reluctantly guessed, many of the major hurdles  facing our reconstruction phase, are none of the above, but rather certain actors within the Chancery, and at the parishes level, who have put their personal interest and career path ahead of the well being of the Archdiocese.

We all remember how destructive, conniving, mean, dishonest, hateful, deceitful, vengeful, and plain un-catholic Adrian Cristobal can be and is, even when he is sleeping.
Many of the terrible things which happened at the Chancery while he was on island, can be put squarely at his feet. The amount of destruction achieved by this sad excuse for a human being, is simply astounding. We will have to live with the consequences of his reign  of terror at the chancery for years to come.
Some argued that his departure, like the one of Apuron would bring a new era of serenity and peace.
That was without counting on the frailty of some of the actors that have stepped in, to replace him .

Father Jeff San Nicolas is known as the crying priest for his propensity to become highly emotional when he preaches, and on other occasions. People use this description, both in a light hearted way, and in an endearing one. Yet, the reality behind the bonhomie of this plump silhouette, with a friar Tuck personality, is far from the persona publicly displayed.

In fact many wondered why Archbishop Hon had selected someone like Jeff to fulfill such an important role. Many even wonder why Archbishop Byrnes has not yet handled the bull by the horns, and give Jeff a mission more in tune with his limited capacities, and not lead him into the temptation of power, which obviously he has an unsurmountable attraction for.

The priests of the archdiocese, have come up with a new moniker for our delegate: " the Memo Man"
Jeff loves to fire off Memos about everything and anything, often without checking with the Archbishop or the canon lawyers, to make sure his poorly thought of decisions are within canon law perimeters and/or the will of Archbishop Byrnes. This has led to a very poor morale among his fellow priests.

So why is Jeff in such an important  position  which he is obviously not prepared for?

Simply, like many other things on Guam, because of relations, of personal networking.
Jeff over the years has been good at one thing, developing his connections. Specially when he was at Fr Duenas. His connections to many of the decision makers on island who are related to the alumni of FD, has been essential to him getting the job.

People in general like Jeff, his wide smile is communicative, but behind that smile there is an ambitious career priest, who is way over his head as the delegate to the Archbishop. He is becoming vindictive, bossy and is not giving the knowledge necessary for Abp Byrnes to take difficult decisions.

It is time, Jeff  becomes a priest, rather than a career politician. If things are not happening soon to correct this wrong, Jeff will undoubtely become a new Cristobal, and the Archdiocese will suffer because of it.