Thursday, February 15, 2018


According to a KUAM news story, Judge Michael Bordallo has dismissed the slander portion of the defamation lawsuit against Apuron by those who have accused him of sex abuse, but NOT the libel portion.

First, let's understand the difference between slander and libel:

"Libel and slander are types of defamatory statements. Libel is a written defamatory statement, and slander is a spoken or oral defamatory statement."

It's easy to see why the judge dismissed ONLY the slander portion (the spoken part) of the suit. In Apuron's video statement of May 17, 2016, the day Roy Quintanilla accused him of molesting him, Apuron only denied the allegation.

The libel part came in the press release of May 31, 2016, and it was aimed directly at Doris Concepcion:

"Another malicious and calumnious accusation against the Archbishop has surfaced; this time from the mother of a man who has been deceased for eleven years."

It's one thing to deny an allegation, it's another thing to accuse the person making the allegation of being "malicious and calumnious." That's defamation, especially since Doris was only sharing what her dying son had told her, and it is libel, because it was written. 

This is what got Apuron in trouble...and HE STILL IS.

However, the real target of the statement was Tim Rohr. In fact, "Tim Rohr," was the only person named in the defamatory  press release. Here are all the things Apuron accused Tim Rohr of:

Tim Rohr and his associates launched a vicious and calumnious attack on the Archbishop and the Church
Thus began a malicious campaign to denounce and attack the Archbishop...
The perpetrators of these calumnies have resorted to insults and violence revealing their true intention to destroy the Catholic Church...
Their method is to confuse and mislead the faithful, even to the point of inducing some to bring false testimony...
Those who are orchestrating this campaign are inciting people into hatred of the Archbishop and the Catholic Church. 
They have produced scandal, confusion and grave errors with the cruel intent to injure the Archbishop, the Catholic Church in Guam and many other people of good will who have been outraged and harassed. 

He then threatened to sue Tim Rohr civilly and canonically:

Therefore, the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical and legal measures against those perpetrating these malicious lies.

Never mind the plural references ("those" etc.). There was only one person publicly standing up against Apuron at the time and it was Tim Rohr. That's why the press release uses "associates," and doesn't name anyone else.

And to his threats Tim rohr responded: "Bring it on."

Rohr, who writes about the local Catholic Church on his blog site JungleWatch, said Tuesday he welcomes the legal action that the Archdiocese is planning, hoping that everything will be revealed in court. 
“Bring it on,” said Rohr.

So why did Tim Rohr say that? Why wasn't Tim Rohr afraid?

Because Tim Rohr knew it wasn't Apuron who said any of the above. By May 31, 2016, Apuron had already fled Guam and begged for help from Papa:

Archbishop Apuron runs to the Pope from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

So who was it who was threatening Tim Rohr?

It was Adrian and Edivaldo, the two impostors who had been running things all along. How does Tim Rohr know this? Here are the reasons:
  1. Apuron had not been running this diocese for a very long time.
  2. Adrian, Edivaldo, and the other neocat hierarchy were the real orchestrators, something the infamous "fist pump" video shortly gave away. 
  3. Apuron had already fled Guam.
  4. The press release was sent out by Edivaldo.

Thus, Tim Rohr prepared his own brief for a defamation suit against Adrian and Edivaldo.

The trouble for Apuron was that Adrian and Edivaldo didn't put their names on it and sent it out on chancery letterhead - which made Apuron liable for libel, and still does.

Thus Edivaldo brought down the very man he was trying to protect.

By "coincidence" the following message was received just minutes before KUAM released it's story:

This morning, since I had the day off, I went to morning mass for Ash Wednesday. I was taken aback by a priest I've never seen before at my parish. He was popular with the school kids in attendance and his sermon seemed alright. 
After mass, I met with him to ask his name. He spewed it out with an air of arrogance, as if I weren't supposed to register it. Little did he know I know Portuguese and could understand...yes, it was Edivaldo.

The KUAM story ends with this from "the trained lawyer:"

"He is outside of Guam. Why? Would you be live in this very small, close knit community in the difficulty that exists? That's just the equation for another heart attack, frankly. And so yes, there is a factor of a medical condition - but it's also common sense." 

Ummm, no. It would have been "common sense" not to run if he had nothing to run from.