Wednesday, March 7, 2018


PACIFIC NEWS CENTER: CCOG says Kamalen Karidat not exempt from filing tax reports

We can understand why some are uneasy about going after Kamalen Karidat. 

The name itself, referring to our patron saint along with the word "charity," plus its reputation for "helping the poor," not to mention the many dollars and years of time-contributions given to it, sort of make the organization sacrosanct. 

However, some believe that this was precisely the intent of Anthony S. Apuron when he set up KK in 1994: an organization apart from the Church which could raise and distribute money, not only without public accountability, but under the protection of a stigma stamped on anyone who dared question KK's operations, as the CCOG is now doing. 

The issue is quite difficult to understand as it involves intricate corporate and tax stuff. However, by coincidence, there was another news story today involving SDA in a very similar matter. And it is worth studying the SDA situation in light of the current issue with KK. 

The only thing we'd question at this point is why GovGuam chose to investigate SDA but seems hesitant to touch KK. 

We shall see.