Friday, April 13, 2018


(We'll get back to the Adrian thing, but for now, we choose to address this.) reports that Dr. Annie Bordallo, a well known local OB/GYN, at a public hearing relative to banning abortions on Guam after 20 weeks, said the following:
"The procedure itself involves, the procedure that Dr. Freeman does, involves an injection of medication into the amniotic fluid that stops the baby's heart.  The patient is then given medication that puts her into labor and she delivers a stillborn fetus.
While Dr. Bordallo posited the above in opposition to the legislation (Bill 232-34), pro-life advocates could not have asked for more!

In declaring this, Dr. Bordallo has affirmed:

  1. The object is a "baby" (not just a tissue mass). 
  2. The "baby" has a heart and it is beating.
  3. The "baby" is capable of feeling pain (otherwise there would be no need to stop his or her heart - even though Bordallo argues that the baby "most likely" does not feel pain until the 29th week). 
  4. Stopping "the baby's heart" kills a human being (since the "baby" is not a baby elephant or a giraffe). 

As all of this was said at a public hearing, it has been officially read into the record, and can be used to support a different version of the bill (should this one stumble), and all abortion regulation going forward. 

Dr. Bordallo's, April 10 declaration, essentially confirms the humanity of the "object" of abortion, and in doing so, lays out the real question before us as a civilized society:

When, and by what means, is it moral, licit, legal, and humane, for one human being to kill another?

Our answer to this question, via this legislation, will define us. 


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