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"An inside view of island politics | Guam Palau CNMI news | Dededo | Pacific Island Times June 21, 2018

"Politics in Guam is less about policy than it is a full-contact sport. Most island voters don't care about policy. They view politics as just another sport, rather than a selection process by which we choose the men and women who will decide the rules that govern so many aspects of our daily lives. These voters just want their team to win.

"Let's take a look at where the major league players –the gubernatorial candidates –are at this point in the runup to the August primary, which is barely 65 days away.



Bank of Guam president Lou Leon Guerrero and running mate, political novice Josh Tenorio are the big surprise this election season - 


"Then there are the fiesta gripes about the people surrounding the Lou&Josh campaign, … and an uncomfortable closeness, for many, with the island's controversial Neo-Cat movement."

The rest of the J. Walter Cruz article is a very interesting work up of the strengths and weaknesses of the the other three teams; none of whom apparently are uncomfortably close to the Neo-Cat movement.

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Image result for neocats

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