Sunday, July 1, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)

We have not seen little Ricky, AKA  Dr. Ricardo Eusebio MD, AKA lying Dick; since his fierce denying press conferences, about the Yona property and the RMS

Yet despite the fact that Dr Atienza, PhD is officialy the itinerant and head Catechist for the Neos on Guam, little Ricky has replaced Pius the putrid as their hatchet man,  the new destroyer for the Marianas.

The former Catechist of our dear Mae, AKA the Diana, is according to her, more feared that he is liked. That should not be surprising in any way, shape or form. The man has made his career inside the NCW, by threatening to destroy people's families. (Not very Christian, but by the same token, since I've always considered them, as a Judeo-Masonic Sect, not surprising)
Today we shall address the last two items on our list:
  • Try to destroy all opposition.
  • Rescue their fallen soldiers. 
The NCW has a long record on trying to destroy any and all opposition to their efforts.

Testimonies from survivors of the sect, are numerous and scary. The threats to priests and Bishops who do not wish to see NCW communities in their midst are well documented.
The cases of Fr Paul and Msg James here on Guam are obviously still very close, enough for most people to recall what they went through.
That was a real persecution at the hands of three NCW recruits: Apuron, Cristobal and Quitagua, at the behest of Pius and his boss: Gennarini, The fact that it backfired does not diminish the experience.

Archbishop Byrnes has been from the get go, going around with a target on his back. The idea is to paint him as inefficient, and power hungry (which is ironic coming from the neos) All their campaign of whispers, to even refuse to recognize his authority, inside the communities, through their presbyters, and in the medias,  are as bold as they are fantasist.
The article in the Vatican Insider by Salvatore Cernuzio what a perfect hatchet job, straight out of the fables built over the last four years by Pius and Gennarini.
There is nothing Christian in these actions, but that is logical in this particular case.

Next on their list was Tim Rohr the  founder of this website, the Neos sparred nothing to get to him through his family.  Once their first goal achieved, they engaged into a campaign of lies and rumors to attempt to destroy him further, with the help of the local media, too lazy themselves to do real investigative journalism. Once the truth comes out, because it will, some well known people will hopefully be called to task. If Apuron as powerful as he was, fell.... you can imagine that these second and third knives will also have to answer for their dastardly deeds.

Then of course they also want to take revenge on the CCOG, the LFM and others who dared call them to task. Since they cannot fight the message they will try to destroy the messengers. This is why these courageous people are painted as opposed to progress, old fashioned and passe. Sounds familiar? This is exactly the same type of attacks the Modernists and the Masons launched for the past century to vilify anyone in the Catholic Church who tries to stand up to them.

The attacks are daily occurrences, they are vicious and relentless. The level of bile, of nastiness and hatred is amazing. It is exactly what they pretend to suffer, but at the Nth degree.
This is how, you know how evil, devious and vicious the NCW is. When the Japanese Bishops decided to say, "we are not going to take it anymore", because of the divisions and strife brought by the NCW, they went over their heads and imposed an aggiornamento, thanks to Filoni. In fact this past winter, Filoni went back to Japan to renew his veiled threats. We shall see how our brothers and sisters in Japan resist this onslaught.

Rescuing their fallen soldiers.

 Here on Guam, we have seen how despite all the evidences, the neos do everything they can to rescue their fallen soldiers.

In the cases of the sexual abusers, Wadeson, Apuron, Camacho, Cristobal, we have seen them put a cordon around their people.
First and always the Denial....that is a given.
Then, if the situation is not tenable, there is the escape.
This is what happened with Luis Camacho, and Apuron....they escaped to a safe place.
This is what Cristobal is apparently doing.
Wadeson did not have to go to such extent, because Apuron and Cristobal  covered for him, and came back with a justification to let him stay in his role. (questionable justification, but justification none the less)

Luis was given a Neo friendly bishop who protected him, and still does, even though his situation is tenuous, because of a push back by the local parishioners.
Apuron was given a place to stay in the bay area, canon lawyers, publicists, and scenario writers to spin his situation has being the consequence of a plot.
Cristobal is in hiding at this time, but be certain that while he hides, stories are being concocted to spin his situation, in a new scenario of the brave presbyter, fighting another conspirancy.
The "Deflect"

Pius has become more discreet, because the general of his order, has finally realized how poisonous this individual is.

Locally we have seen last week, some of the consultants for Lou and Josh run to ground after the article in the Pacific Times,but be sure that they are planning their new push for political power, to replace their loss of religious influence.

Keep on watching the ride is not going to be boring.


  1. What article in the Pacific Times and what is the connection between the NCWs and the political team you are referring to? I would like to be enlightened so that I can make a more informed decision for this this upcoming election. Are there any Neos running for office on Guam? I hate to "out" people if we are not sure but still, at least for me, any association with this heretical movement will surely affect my consideration in how I vote in this election.

    1. Hello F. to answer your question you can refer to my post on 6/25 titled an inside view on Guam Politics, or my other post today called Power through religion, or power through politics.

    2. What does it matter whether a person running for office is a "neo"? People were against Telena Nelson and when she was under fire, it was those same people that supported her? Has she in anyway helped the Neos since she has been elected?