Monday, July 2, 2018


(Posted by Frenchie)
I guess, this clarification is due, since we restarted the comments section on this blog.
Unfortunately, as always, a few individuals "demand" to have their comments posted as if they were due something, because they bless us by their presence.  Delusion is not a crime, but it does not mean, it is accepted here. Should you wish to make a point, you absolutely want to be heard, you always have the option to start your own blog.

We gladly accept comments, positive and negative, which adhere to the minimum social decorum, you probably would expect in your own home.

Rude behavior, insults and other birds name calling, might slip by on occasion, and be addressed as such. Do not act offended, if people on this blog, (contributors and/or other readers) happen to disagree with you.

Personal accusations towards a third party, whose name you give, will only be accepted if you use your own personal name. All others shall be censured.
If you use your personal name, moderators of this blog, might contact you, before posting, to verify the accusation. All such accusation, shall be your own responsibility, your views, when allowed, only engage yourself, and do not reflect on the opinions, or positions of this blog.

All personal threats, physical or otherwise by people against persons on this site, or third parties, are routinely referred to the proper authorities, and shall not be tolerated.

This having been clarified, we thank you, for visiting our site. We truly hope, this will help you make an informed choice regarding the subjects covered.

I hope you and your family shall enjoy this week. We wish you a Happy 4th of July celebration.

God bless you all.

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