Thursday, August 23, 2018


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We have shown how Cardinal Sean O'Malley, one of the Kikos biggest promoter and apologist,
former papabile to the succession of Benedict, and one of the most influential American prelate of the moment, had used the Mc Carrick scandal, to jockey to the front of the media, as an advocate for the victims.

He has lectured his fellow bishops, demanding more transparency.
He has lectured the Pope on the need for action.

He also refused to participate in the Papal visit to Ireland, under the guise that he had to attend a developing scandal in his own Archdiocese of Boston that is taking place at the local seminary.

Yet, today he had to apologized for not answering a letter denouncing Mc Carrick issues while he was still the Archbishop of Newark New Jersey. A letter written by Fr Ramsey who had sent it to Cdl Sean because he was the head of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

To better understand this story, you can read the details in Cdl Sean's own propaganda piece: Boston Pilot

This is an embarrassing situation, since Cdl O'Malley has been so vocal in denouncing his fellow bishops, without equivocation.

Following the ever growing list of embarrassed Bishops who claimed they had no clue, regarding Mc Carrick, we have witnessed a strong push back by the public in general, by the majority of Catholics, in particular.
This push back has only intensified, after the public report from the Pennsylvania Attorney General, about the continued coverup by Bishops of sexual predators in our ranks over the years.

Cardinal Wuerl, the former Bishop of Pittsburg and still Archbishop of Washington DC, has been put in a particular uncomfortable  position. He even presented his resignation of the College of Cardinals to the Pope, who refused it.

The clamor has been so widespred  that Pope Francis felt it was imperative to address a letter to all members of the Church over the weekend.
As often, with Pope Francis, many Catholics ended up being more confused by his statement, that they were before.

Until then Cardinal Sean, had succeeded with his communication, and the image he was trying to portray.

Now, we can all see that his shining armor has a serious chink into it. This whole mess will take a lot of spinning to give back the Neo's golden boy his luster....

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  1. There is still huge ambiguity around the apparent delivery or non-delivery of a letter from a Chilean to the Pope via Cardinal O'Malley's establishment.

    Years back, a "White Knight" would ride in, in order to give a diocese a better air. Subsequently a quiet word is continually spoken in his ear, to be sure of not becoming "overly efficient". I have no doubt there is no shortage of staff to get under his feet should he show the slightest sign of "enthusiasm".

    I think I have seen this sort of thing elsewhere, also.

    1. Hello Austin, good to hear from you.As you noted, there seems to be quite a few letter which have disappeared when addressed to or through Cardinal O'Malleys.
      While this is not a novel issue within the Church, it shows a disturbing trend, specially since Cdl Sean is supposed to be the leader of the Pontifical Commission for the protection of minors.

      Yet it is the same prelate who attacks Pope Francis on several occasions regarding sexual scandals around the world, and has the audacity to demand more openness from his fellow bishops.
      I guess Cdl Sean like to have his cake and eat it too.

    2. I guess O.Malley is duplicitous. I have always had my suspicion of him and my, wasn't I right!I would not trust him as far as I could throw him.He is so full of himself. What excuse will he make for the sexual and alcohol shenanigans in St. Johns'Roman Catholic Seminary.I can't wait to hear his transparent excuses.Why are so many of the Roman Catholic Mafia hierarchy such liars?