Thursday, January 17, 2019


Posted by Frenchie

While most of us where trying to abide by the traditional Peaceful Season of Christmas. Some continued their work of destruction, and policy of burnt earth tactics.

One just need to read some of the commentaries left on this website by the ever hateful and  the mostly condescending attitude of the Neo Cult followers, to see that nothing much has changed into the landscape of our island and of our Church.

While the Cultists have changed the figure head of their leadership locally, they continue to spread like a cancer. In fact they have become ever more dangerous, since they have completed their access to influencing our political leaders, after having had their religious pawns, silenced and taken out of contention for some time.

Lets look at this a little more closely.
While I have not contributed to this blog in several weeks, several posts have been posted by other contributors during that holiday period, and visitors have obviously continued to visit older posts. 
Over these weeks I have continued to monitor the commentaries.

During that time, I noticed that most of the comments (pros and cons) were mostly about Kiko himself, and/or the NCW. Often on post that were published months, if not years ago.

Here are some of the samples of what we received:

"Thanks for your persecutions that fulfills Kiko's journey"

"Yea,lets humiliate the Pope and celebrate"

"Ignorance still linger on this blog. Believe and worship your own Rock"

"ignorance hurts, yes found guilty but the Vatican did not specify which one or specifically for child molestation and I am no Neo. It is you who destroyed the church. How can you bring the faithful back now with your 5 mil cap."

"Thanks to your vile of CCOG. No one in the island give a damn, Karma hit bitterly your face. Take a look at the midnight mass Hardly anyone came. Congratulations as no one cares."

" To say Apuron was found guilty of sex abuse is an assumption rather than a conclusion"

"This is such a lie, before criticizing  Kiko and the Neocatechumenal way, you should informed"

Now, past the obvious lack of grammatical construction, we can (again) see that the commentaries all follow the same patterns.

The first pattern, of course ( we are used to this by now) is the denial part. 

The best one of course, (and we have seen this one countless times)
  • "This is a lie, before criticizing Kiko and the Neocatechumenal way, you should informed"
 This is basically a copy and paste answer to anything regarding the Neos, they use it ad nauseum. Deny, Deny, Deny
  • "To say that Apuron was found guilty of sex abuse is an assumption rather than a conclusion"
Again here you have more denial, albeit put in a proper syntax. Yet it is put out there as a denial.
Deny, Deny, Deny

Now we come to deflection. We are given a different topic or an accusation to deflect from the conversation, and redirect to another subject of their choosing.
  • " Ignorance hurts, yes found guilty but the vatican did not specify which one or specifically for child molestation and I am no Neo. It is you who destroyed the Church. How can you bring the faithful back now, with your 5 mil cap." 
This one is a doozy. It starts with a deflection: Ignorance hurts. Which implies that this blog or the person it is adressed to does not know the subject. Both a deflection and a denial.
Then he/she asserts that the Vatican was not specific in its findings.
 We have gone extensively over that assertion from the Neos, when the verdict first appeared and demonstrated that in fact the Tribunal had found him guilty, but that pressure had been exerted on the reporter to write the finding in typical Vatican diplomatic gibberish to leave Apuron a way out. (in fact you find the same type of communication in the original findings about Mc Carrick, over a decade ago.)
To continue we have another big whopper of a denial: "and I am no Neo"; we get that one often.
The author despite its obvious use of Neo logic, Neo verbiage, and Neo tactic, pretends to be some kind of a neutral bystander who happens to espouse Neo's Mantras.
Finally:" It is you who destroyed the Church. How can you bring the faithful back now, with your 5 mil cap."
This of course being straight out of the Neo's playbook of the last year, it kind of negates the previous statement, but it is build to deflect, by accusing this blog and/or the CCOG of being responsible for things like the destruction of the Church, or what is apparently a referral to the 200 lawsuits brought on against the Archdiocese and other entities, and persons.
Again: Deflect, Deflect, Deflect.

  • "Yea lets humiliate the Pope and celebrate"
A little crass of course, but again trying to 
Deflect, Deflect, Deflect
" Thank you for your vile of CCOG. No one in the island give a damn. Karma hit bitterly your face. Take a look at the midnight mass. Hardly anyone came. Congratulations as no one cares.

Now here we arrive to the not so settled Destroy mode. First assertion the CCOG is vile. I guess you go for the throat. Then there is an accusation that no one cares. (somehow that would be linked to the actions of the CCOG...ummh) Karma hit bitterly your face. I assume that the author makes reference to the Buddhist notion of fate. This one is interesting, since it mirrors a very Presbyterian notion of using other religions notions to make a point. (Not very Catholic).
Take a look at the midnight mass. Hardly anyone came. That is an interesting statement. First, I don't know where this individual went to mass on Christmas night. Personally my parish was standing room only for the Midnight Mass. Perhaps something is wrong with the Pastor at his or her parish.
None the less, this is an open attack, which is meant to destroy. It makes an accusation and puts the blame at the feet of the CCOG for what is (even is you agree there is an issue) the consequence of 30 years of poor management by Apuron and 20 years of termite work by the NCW.

Destroy, Destroy, Destroy.

Finally I have kept a fairly moderate, but still very evil message, meant to destroy, received in late November. This is not an isolated event, in fact it is part of a torrent of slime and disgusting personal messages meant to attack Tim Rohr. Neverless I find it very revealing of the evil we are facing.
" You can call yourself Frenchie...but everyone can recognize the sewer from Tim
@@!##%**!@#%&*@@!( sorry had to censure this trashy part)
It is a pity that you don't recognize your evil ways and convert.
Perhaps listening and being part of a Neo community may help save your soul.

Here in a short statement you have a condensate of all the evil which the Neo represent.
It start with a personal attack at me, but in fact it is meant for Tim.
Then it uses a torrent of vile lies and insults, that can only come from the tongue of the Whisperer himself.
Then we go in the delusional, but highly revealing demand for conversion.
Conversion to what? ....The Neo Masonic Protestant Cult pushing for lies and acquisition of earthly powers?

Perhaps the Church lady has a good point??


  1. And that my friends is how the Neos have often shoved their foot in their mouths through sound reasoning. Good job there Frenchie.

  2. Many compliments to the real estate agent that wants "eat" the seminary compound!!
    Dear Tim, stones know it're just a disgusting being.
    The Pope loves us and supports us !! And this is enough for us!

    1. LOL I knew somewhere an idiot anonymous could not resist the temptation of Deny, Deflect and destroy.
      So once more someone is picking up that old canard about Tim trying to benefit from the sale of the Hotel Accion (calling it a seminary is really a disservice to all seminaries out there)
      Does not matter that Tim himself nor the company he is working for do not have the listing on that property, they deny, and deny.
      Then we go back to the old tested and true : "The Pope loves us and supports us" Nothing knew here, that's what they have claimed for 30 years.....Just another deflection.
      Finally the hatred was too strong for this anonymous writer, he could not, not trying to try to destroy Tim by lugging more bile and hate....
      I guess if I wanted to prove a point, I could not have chosen a better useful hater....

  3. Well done, Frenchie.

  4. We are witnessing the real fruits of the NCW. In the NCW, they are formed to walk in a "way" where they will do anything (lie, cheat and deceive) to promote the NCW. Those who have been in the NCW long enough eventually lose their sense of right and wrong.

  5. It would be impossible for the Holy Spirit to do anything corrupt or deceptive!