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During the 2018 election campaign for Governor, I wrote several articles on the strong contradictions for a Catholic, who truly takes his religion seriously, that exist in considering voting for a politician who is backing the terrible policy of aborting an unborn child.
Actually we have seen over the past few years, several Bishops in the USA, finally growing a spine in calling politicians who claim to be Catholic to task.

My point was, that for us Catholic, this is a mortal sin.
Because of this, I was particularly perplexed with the fact that a large cadre of  NCW actors, who pretend to be pro-family and conservative on most issue, had chosen to work on LLG's campaign.
My conclusion at the time, was that they had made a deliberate choice to back LLG, in order to gain access to political power, having failed their co-opting of the Archdiocese.

Yet, we have to consider that not everyone outside the Catholic Church does agree with our analysis.
In fact one of the strongest point of our democratic system, is the right to think differently that your next door neighbor, or your whole village as a matter of choice.

That being said, you do not have to use a religious litmus test, to realize that someone that not only does not see the murder of an unborn child (infanticide) as a moral issue, but also knowingly use artifacts of language and political expedients to justify their deeds, is strongly lacking the moral bearings necessary to lead the highest office of our small piece of land.
It usually does not take a genius to figure out,right from wrong,
Moral from immoral.

This leads us to the latest issues which have suddenly come to light regarding the actions of our Governor and people within her administration.

Two stories have made the headlines over the last ten days:

  •  The back stabbing and political tripping of our Delegate, Mr San Nicolas
  • The stealth effort by the Governor and people on her staff, to recruit an abortionist for our island.
Let us review these latest two issues, and see why they are linked to a much larger and darker picture, which is at the core of the problem, and how it is closely tied to some of the back room efforts to silence this blog.

1)The back stabbing and political tripping of Mr San Nicolas.
During the primaries of last year election Michael San Nicolas created the biggest surprise by handily knocking out the longtime insider Madeleine Bordallo. The shock was felt throughout the Guam democratic political machine, who had been too involved in their shenanigans to knock out Senator Aguon (a pro-life supporter), to give (very narrowly) the edge to Lou Leon Guerrero and her very well financed campaign. The Lou Leon Guerrero camp, had planned all along to have good old Madeleine on board, to help them lock the whole political system in plac
To this day they, like Madeleine, have not gotten over her loss to that Johnny come lately MSN  as Mr San Nicolas his known to his supporters. 

 MSN had not packed his suitcases yet, that already, the alliance of backroom dealers, were already at work to trip Mr San Nicolas at every step.
From not giving him support when he arrived in DC, to small and petty misdeeds of all kind, MSN soon realized that he was going to be without his home party's support, from the beginning of his mandate, until Madeleine could run against him in the primaries next year.

One of the main dossier that MSN had promised to handle from the get go, was the contentious, long drawn issue of the war compensation which has been pending for as long as Madeleine was our representative.

Many of us were dubious of the LLG campaign's promises to run an above the board administration.
Now, after six months of not keeping their promises, but making sure to repay all the people that had allowed her to get to the Governor's job, we can see, that not only this administration has not kept their promises, but that they also worked diligently to impede the work of one of the few non corrupted elected official, Mr Michael San Nicolas. We have read the reports now all over the local and national media regarding the fiasco of the LLG administration regarding the reparation initiative MSN is working on, and the Bordallo blatant lies regarding the whole affair. 

2) the stealth efforts by Lou Leon Guerrero to recruit an abortionist for Guam.

It is not a secret that Lou has always be an unabashed supporter of the murder of unborn babies.
A position, that she claims is an health issue.
There are many documentation of her repeated efforts as a Senator, a candidate to the governorship, a private citizen. She is actually proud of her "achievements" on the subject.

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