Thursday, June 20, 2019


No abortions have been reported to the Registrar of Vital Statistics since May of last year. To deal with this “crisis” Governor Leon Guerrero apparently wants to procure an abortionist for the island. She has tasked Jayne Flores to be the abortionist procurer. I have drafted legislative language that would prohibit the use of public funds or resources to procure an abortionist. I sent the proposed language to all senators yesterday pursuant to this transmittal:

“Honorable Senators:

Transmitted herewith is draft legislation entitled PROHIBITION OF PROCURING AN ABORTIONIST ACT OF 2019. The recent activities of the Governor and her abortionist procurer, Jane Flores, to promote a personal agenda vice the governmental functions of their respective offices suggest that a statute similar to that which the national government put in place to deal with a similar problem called the Hyde Amendment is required. Draft legislative language to accomplish that purpose is set out in the attachment.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Robert Klitzkie

Robert Klitzkie”

You can read the proposed bill and find out why WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' ABORTIONIST! by clicking on If you want to email or call senators you can find their contact info here:



  1. Jane Flores’ new stunt
    Is to start a manhunt
    An abortionist for Guam to procure.

    As she looks far and wide
    There’s nowhere to hide
    For she’s found a butcher’s fresh spoor.

    When she finds one she’ll plead
    Coax, cajole and then lead
    The abortionist to Guam for a tour.

    An offer she’ll make
    Lots of cash for the take
    Will be a most enticing lure.

    See the sun, see the sand.
    See the dough in my hand?
    You’ll love Guam, I assure.

    Guam has no rabies.
    But see all these babies?
    Help! We need a quick cure!

    So abortionists world wide
    Come to Guam and reside.
    Take a look at our colorful brochure.

  2. From the perspective of Lou and Jane and other pro-abortion people:

    We don’t appreciate your distortion.
    We’re just trying to restore abortion.
    It’s not a real life
    That is sliced with a knife.
    Don’t blow this thing out of proportion!

  3. Just because the trained abortionists are gone doesn't mean there are currently no abortions. Many doctors prescribe the morning after pill, abortifacient. Indeed, the medical clinic in ASC advertises the morning after pill.

    1. Yes you are correct anon at 6.17, and it is very sad. In regards to chirurgical (for lack of better word) interventions, as far as we know there has been none performed on island, during this past year. It does not mean that some individuals do not go off island to have it performed.
      While it was not enforced seriously at first, there is a mandate to report any such intervention, for the keeping of statistics.

    2. The "morning after pill" is a contraceptive not an abortifacient.

  4. Why is wonersh seminary in UK asking for hundreds of thousands to do up the seminary. We haven’t had a lick of paint in ur rooms and the same carpet for years, but the vice rector has tarted up the staff areas with the money. Living above the people with the people’s money !! But this goes unchecked with no questions asked ! I hope the priests here and in parishes that do the same enjoy their remaining few years of earthly comfort. For crying out loud last Christmas we had the finest Christmas decorations money could buy to decorate the seminary. Why ? While people are homeless and freezing. We spend the lay people’s money on fine food, wine and decorative indulgence whislt some go without to donate these funds to us. I feel called to be here but I don’t like what I see within the clergy. What to do !

  5. Fr. Frank Pavone: "We will never build a society that feeds the poor if we refuse to feed our own children; we will never teach children to stop killing other children (by gun violence) until parents stop killing children by abortion; we will never teach society to stop killing the guilty (by capital punishment) until we stop killing the innocent by abortion; we will never learn to welcome immigrants across the border if we cannot welcome children across the border of the womb; and we will never maintain peace between nations if we cannot maintain peace between a mother and her own child."

  6. anonymous: huge blame goes to those having recreational sex outside of marriage; who cry and panic should the sex act actually conceive a child. Having sex is never only about you and your urges; rather a responsibility for raising a family is attached. There-in society moves forward with these porper families living in harmony together as part of the Divine Plan for our very existence as procreators. History has clearly proven, to live outside this plan, only leads to painful unnecessary drama and disaster.