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This is an article from February 2019 dealing with the McCarrick matter which appears to have involved much more that McCarrick's homosexual predator behavior. 

Communists successful in infiltrating Catholic Church

by Michael Voris, S.T.B. • • February 21, 2019 

The communists were incredibly successful in infiltrating the Church; McCarrick was one of their men

This summit has been assailed as a phony sideshow by homosexual clerics attempting to hide their own homosexual network, chief of which had been Theodore McCarrick, who the network protected for decades and in many ways is the entire reason for this meeting.

But there now appears to be much more to this story than just the homosexual angle, as large as that still looms.


The McCarrick affair intersected with the Apuron matter in August 2018 when the McCarrick story first broke. JW has always believed that the pope's strange comments about the Apuron matter indicated that Apuron's powerful NCW allies deep inside the Vatican had succeeded in channelling Apuron's appeal directly to the pope and that the pope had intended to reverse Apuron's guilty verdict. However, before the pope could exonerate Apuron, the McCarrick affair broke and it appears that Francis simply had no way out other than to deny Apuron's appeal. 


The pontiff revealed that the last bishop to have been judged by such a process was Guam Archbishop Anthony Apuron, who the Vatican announced in March had been found guilty of "certain of the accusations" against him, which included sexually abusing young men decades ago.

Noting that Apuron is appealing the verdict, the pope said that because it is a "very, very difficult case," he had decided to "take the appeal upon myself."

"I took it upon myself and I made a commission of canonists to help me," Francis explained, adding: "It is a complicated case on one hand, but also not difficult because the evidence is very clear."

"But I cannot prejudge," he said. "I'll wait for the information, and then I will judge."

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