Friday, December 11, 2020


 Program Notes December 11

Yesterday I just got started on Compassion which was based on a letter to the Post dealing with a miscreant shooting at a stray dog with a “BB gun.” Dr. Poole was as usual a fountain of good info on the subject. I’ll pick up where I left off yesterday. Previous shows involved Joe San Agustin’s showing that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Joe opposed the elimination of noncontributory lifetime pensions for governors but cosponsored a bill to micromanage the attorney general. The “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” theme was also demonstrated by Clynt as he takes over GPA for the CCP. That fab four return to today’s card sub nom. Sens. San Agustin, Barnes, Castro and Clynt v. GPA Ratepayers. Tall Tales goes national with the case filed by the state of Texas and local with Javier Atalig’s election contest. Our local SJW’s, the White Coats for BLM folks, are educated (again.) Lefties used to be champions of free speech—now they oppose it.  English is a microaggression for the Left.

Today’s Card

  • Compassion v. a Woman’s Right to Choose
  • Sens. San Agustin, Barnes, Castro and Clynt v. GPA Ratepayers [UPDATE Joe San Agustin v. Separation of Powers
  • [UPDATE GVB v. Clynt & Adrian [Clynt & Adrian Cruz v. Governor Gutierrez
  • Javier Atalig v. GEC + Texas v. 4 States
  • BLM v. Whitecoats
  • The Left v. Free Speech
  • Cornell v. English

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    There lived on an isle Pacific
    A mythical person terrific
    Who wielded power horrific
    O'er downtrodden people who scorned

    Her heartless decrees
    Bringing most to their knees
    Hearing not desperate pleas
    To mend lives tattered and torn.

    “You must heed and obey
    My decrees, don't delay
    Though you balk with dismay
    In feeble protests you convene."

    "My edicts you will follow
    Bitter pills you will swallow.
    Your wretched cries ring hollow.”
    Thus spake the Red Queen.