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Our Archdiocese has been told, from the top down, that we shall have a discussion/input/conversation about Synodality.

Most people have no clue what Synodality means, and what it is supposed to achieve.

We shall try to make it simple for people to wrap their mind around this concept. Then we will attempt to see if and how we can, and should participate in a dialogue, which right off the bat, seems to have been locked in by a precious few at the Chancery.

We will look at what the Archdiocese communication tells us. We will try to compare it to what is being done in dioceses around the world. Try to reach a conclusion on the process and also on the results anticipated, here, in our regional conference of Bishops, as well as in Rome.

This is a large undertaking, at all levels. The process, approach and conclusions should reveal to us the real situation we have at our own chancery, which has for the last four years, been very opaque and contradictory on most subjects.

The results of this oversight by Junglewatch should shed light on the reality of the intentions of Archbishop Byrnes and his team.

Let us pray for discernment. 

Today we should just try to define for the general public what is Synodality.

Thank you for your patience and interest.  


Historically a Synod is the Council of the Church. convened to resolve issues of Doctrine or Administration.

Ethymologicall y, the word Synod comes from the Greek "Sinooos"which means assembly or meeting.

It has the same meaning as the Latin word "Concilium" which means council.

Traditionally Synods have been meetings of Bishops. This is usually the way the word is still used nowadays. In modern times it has taken a slightly different meaning, such as governing body. It does not matter whether the members of said Synod actually meet or not.

So far, the communication coming from the Archdiocese has been minimal, with a few shy improvements of their website over the last weeks. In order to have a better idea, I have added their link, which you can read Here

According to the calendar pushed by the Vatican, there should be two phases to the process.

1st phase: 10/21 to 04/22 , this is the Diocesan Phase

2nd phase: 09/22 to03/23, this is the Continental Phase.

Please make yourselves more knowledgeable by reading the official documentation.

I shall revisit in another article the questions raised, the suggested answers and the challenges that we shall face. 

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