Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Bankruptcy Hearing and Zoom audience.

 Posted by Frenchie.

Just as when the Archbishop makes a statement publicly, or celebrate the December 8th Mass, people are watching and taking note.

The Bankruptcy trial of the Archdiocese might not see too many people going to the court to follow the proceedings, but the internet audience has been growing steadily.

Starting with 15 to 18 people on Friday preliminary hearing the audience grew to 25 to 30 on Saturday

On Monday the audience has continued to grow at time reaching 55 people and averaging around 50.

This is why it is particularly important that the audio visual tech support for this trial remain in control of the challenges faced.

Unfortunately this morning and this afternoon, we had to suffer through some long hiatus because of technnical glitches which did not allow the public to hear anything.

A word of advice to the cheerful  and pleasant Judge Tydingco-Gatewood. Do not forget the large public following the trial on Zoom, on Kandit News, Junglewatch and the drive by Media.

To the plaintiffs attorneys: Guam is not populated by a bunch of backwater boobs. A little decorum and more respect for some of the elders you are interviewing, will go a long way. The opposite shall not help you.

I noticed a lot of priests and religious people watching from the beginning to the end. I also noted several of the survivors paying close attention. 

To the lawyers think a little less about the fees you are going to make, and more about the victims of Apuron and his hilks.

As Tim Rohr clearly reminded us in his letter to the editor in today's PDN, it was the Catholics in the pews, who brought down the perverted and devious previous administration. It was not lawyers, politicians or journalists.

Don't forget this in your approach of this trial.

The people will support justice, but they shall not support excesses of any kind.

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