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Sister Angela continues where we had left yesterday.

Stipulations were made by both side, as to some documents being accepted as evidence, or as being hearsay.

Mr Caldie asked a few questions, before asking part of the sentence being stricken down. 


Fast cross and redirect.

Lots of housekeeping, issues about some of the details, basically trying to understand the origin of the recollection of the witness.

Meanwhile on Zoom the crowd look like they are finishing their lunch and slowly joining in, attendance quickly climbing over 40pp.

Mr Coldie is trying to accelerate the stricking or not of some of the statement of Sister Angela.

On cross by Mrs Diaz, there was the continued ballet of objections followed by different ruling from the judge. 

One main bone of contention was the gift of land by sister Angela's parents to Our Lady of Lourdes in Yigo.

After a protracted back and forth the judge overruled the objection of Mr Glasovich.

Attendance on Zoom is now over 50 persons. Again with a mix of laity, priests, religious and some survivors.

Mr Caldie took over the redirect of questions, and started with support of HR from the Archdiocese., and check writing, which sister Angela said was her own responsibility.

There were several arguments about housekeeping issues to admit or strike some parts of the statement of Sr Angela, before moving back to more mundane issues, like how do you help people in your community. Answer: we help the homeless, Students in need, ministerial instruments.

Then Mr Caldie went back to his preferred subject, are you one body with the Archdiocese.

Answer we are One Mystical Body. The Mystical Body is the whole Church of God.

Question who is in that Church of God? Just Catholic? Answer All the Children of God

Then Mr Caldie decided he did not need any more questions.

The next witness is Sr Maria Rosario Gaite, principal of the Santa Barbara School.

Mr Caldie started with the review of Sr Maria Rosario written declaration.

Trying to establish first hand knowledge, vs History of the School 

Sr Maria testified that the historical knowledge was based on  documents from the 50s, handbook, website and accreditation

The defense through Mrs Diaz  was able to have several of the paragraphs stricken by the plaintiffs to be put back as evidence. There was then a long back and forth regarding some article of the declaration.

After his usual tactic of trying to remove as many of the evidence brought in declarations, as hearsay, he proceeded to more specifics about finances, gifts and independence vs dependence from the Chancery.

A particularly strong point of contention was the gift by the Israel family of a computer science class, which Mr Caldie was very aggressive about.

Fund raising and donations were then approached, which Sr Maria Rosario said were  mostly the fact of the parent/teacher association

It was then established that the Archbishop does not support the school financially. Rather the School support the Archdiocese through assessments.

We then went through the painful line of questioning about belonging to a parish, donations and remaining or not a Catholic should the Archbishop close your parish. All this to a religious sister who took a vow of poverty.  Classy!!!

A short cross after the recess was not followed by a redirect.



The next witness called was Mr Aguon. Celestino Flores Aguon.

from Santa Teresita Church in Mangilao

Most of the questioning was about establishing the ownership of the different lots that comprise the Parish property.

Mr Aguon asserted that the parish owned the land, based on a land management document.

As he was  present before and during the construction of the new building , Mr Aguon  continued to disagree with Mr Glasovich who was trying to establish that Mr Aguon was wrong. Mr Aguon gave context to the process and acquiring  the land before construction.

The land itself was acquired from a gift by the Pangelinan family. Yet Mr Aguon did not see the name Santa Teresita on the deed,

Moving on to the financial account of the parish.

The witness and the lawyer went over the different bank accounts.

Attendance on Zoom remained strong around 50 people. 

Recess until tomorrow morning.

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