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After a whole week of testimonies and legal arguments, what is sticking out as a sore thumb is the highly emotional, genuine and embarrassing for both parties, testimony of Mr Tudela on Friday morning.

Yet both parties have avoided revisiting this testimony, for different reasons.

Despite the Judge stating, like the Archbishop, that both parties are trying to achieve the same goal, the reality is that this not true at all.

Let me explain.

As Mr Tudela testified, they so far have not seen a penny from the sale of assets by the Archdiocese.

Yet six (6) Millions dollar have been paid to lawyers. This is an average of one million dollars per year of wait for the survivors.

Judge Tydingco-Gatewood alluded indirectly to this situation by advising the lawyers on several occasions, and reminding Mr Tudela (who was too emotional to clearly understand) that their best option for quick relief was the auspices of the reconciliation under the supervision of Judge Robert Feris in the federal court of Hawaii, where settlement is still a real option.

Short of this, the survivors are most likely to become victims once more.By the time the biggest  Creditors get paid, there will not be much left for the survivors, after the lawyers are done.

The major obstacle to the settlement is not the survivors, nor is it the Archbishop, but rather it is the Bank of Guam. The largest creditor going in the process of Bankruptcy, with close to $ 20 million loans and debts. They have been the key to any settlement or not. They have been the main obstacle.

As usual it seems that Lou Leon Guerrero is as dangerous as Killary

Do not mess with the Red Queen.

It looks like the Neo backers of LLG might have the last laugh after all.

Mr Tudela was first helped by Tim Rohr, my dear departed friend John Toves of Agat convinced the former Agat 4 to come forward, I have personally met several of the survivors, many of them refusing to come forward. My only question now is going to be: Are you gonna let the lawyers and BOG manipulate your pain or suffering? Or are you going to instruct them on what to do. The ball is really in your court. It looks like the lawyers for the creditors have done an excellent job.

How do we proceed. Do we want reconciliation of punishment?

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