Thursday, August 11, 2022


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Bishop Barron the very mediatic, some say charismatic (in the secular sense) Auxilliary Bishop of Los Angeles. A cleric present on almost any form of media, the founder and promoter of the successful program "Word on fire", was recently elevated to the title of  Bishop of the Winona- Rochester Diocese (South East Minnesota), by Pope Francis.

Many speculated that this promotion, might be a punishment in disguise, for being too successful, and at times too independent from his brother bishops of the USCCB. It has been heard in some corridors that some of the more radical leftist members of the USCCB, who have grown extremely wealthy from their unholy alliance with very controversial "Catholic" members of the Democratic party; were particularly unhappy with some of his positions, as well as his large reach into the Catholic Online Community.

The Church receiving literally billions of dollars from the federal government, through its social services, like Catholic Charities and a multitude of other charities groups, for handling the flow of illegal immigrants and other social re organisation outfits. This has in turn created large fiefdoms in Archdioceses in large urban areas. This was spearheaded by former Cardinal of Washington DC, Mc Carrick, who has been disgraced 4 years ago,following a set of revelations about his long and depraved life of sexual abuse.

None the less, former Cardinal Mc Carrick had a long and successful path, thanks to his ability to raise funds, and his hobnobbing with important politicians on the East Coast. Facts that he was able to parley into his own promotion at the Vatican, and a high profile which allowed him to become a de-facto King maker within the USCCB. This is how he promoted a sizeable group of Bishops, Archbishops and Cardinals.

Most importantly he made sure to grow near every "Catholic" politico in Washington DC, including but not limited to  Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden. There was a definite tit for tat, with all these powerful political figures, which ultimately led to an embarrassing silence from most of US Bishops when said politicos drifted further and further to the left, on most social issues, including gay marriage and of course Abortion.

These corrupted relationships have led us to where we are now, with the current Cardinal of DC, a protege of Mc Carrick refusing to even criticize the president of the USA when he wraps himself in his "Catholic faith" to support Abortion, which even our extremely liberal Pope calls a sin of the gravest kind.

This why is was particularly surprising to read in the Pilot, the official paper of the Archdiocese of Boston a stirring column by the newly minted Bishop of Winona-Rochester, denouncing the scandalous position of the President of the United States...

The surprise is even bigger because it happened with the obvious authorization of Cardinal O'Malley, another liberal prince of the Church, who also is one of the biggest backer of the NCW.

You can read this Article Here

This is a welcome development, even if I don't hold my breath waiting for a change of attitude from the Bishops of the USCCB, towards the scandalous positions of our so called Catholic politicos.

Here on Guam, we are still to hear any form of criticism from our Church leaders about the continuous, arrogant and scandalous promotion of abortion by Governor Lou Leon Guerrero, and some of the key members of her administration.

We know that Archbishop Byrnes initiated a first step, with a personal and private letter to the governor, demanding that she mend her ways on the subject. In the meantime, nothing has happened. As the Archbishop is off island, with no plan to come back, we certainly should not expect much from our chancery.


  1. Bravo to Barron. I had written him off several years ago as another ecclesial climber. But this piece on Biden and abortion changes my view of him. Definitely. So I'll add him to my prayer list. We are desperate for bishops to "bishop." By the way, several years ago I wrote a post based the book "The Politics of Abortion," which explains how Catholic politicians, starting with Ted Kennedy, could do exactly what Biden is doing, remaining a Catholic "in good standing" and remaining radically in support of abortion. These politicians were taught how to do this by a small group of Catholic clergy. The post is here:

    1. Thank you Tim, for this interesting bit of information. I shall look more into it.