Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Posted by Frenchie

Almost 4 years ago this week, a monumental event took place in the Primary Election, for our beautiful island of Guam.

The race between Senator Aguon, a staunch defender of the unborn, and former Senator Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook, the most radical pro abortion advocate in the history of our territory; turned to the advantage of the pro death candidate by a mere 300 votes. 

Our Home Island, which is still 85% Catholic, and 97% Christian chose a candidate for the Democratic Party, who was an unabashed activist for the death of innocent children.

By November 2018, Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook defeated the tainted Republican candidate and his running mate, after a lackluster campaign, where the Bank executive, and richest person on island was omnipresent, in all the local medias, thanks to a network of internet Bots, complacent local written and TV medias.

We even saw the local AM morning talk show Host Patty Arroyo unilaterally side with LLG, while her sister who at the time was a key member of the now defunct Catholic Radio, accepted the post of Press secretary for the candidate. I guess these ladies don't understand the concept of "Conflict of Interests", while also joining the disjointed Catholics who pretend to be pro-life, but don't wish to "impose their personal point of view on the public at large"(aka hypocrits extraordinaire)

How had we arrived to such a disastrous situation?

*First of all: as the old American adage reminds us : "Money walks, and BS talks"

The huge amount of money poured in the race by LLG had never been seen in the history of this island.

Basically the CEO of the Bank of Guam bought her way to the top of the Democratic Party ticket.

*Second, as the DNC did on the mainland, the LLG Campaign allied itself with the radicals on the island, who voted massively for her in the primary, and in the main election. The Cabal of the pro-independence movement, smartly disguised as the movement for decolonization, with its fiercely anti-catholic leaders such as Won Pat, Bevacqua, Underwood, Cristobal, Perez, and Marsh "Taitano". These people often conveniently wearing the Ecologist Hat, of the wacko radicals, specially when it comes to items inside the wire, are not many. Perhaps 5 to 6 thousands, but they are dedicated  and virulent. During the primary they became essential to putting the current governor over the line, against Aguon. The Choice of an openly gay running mate also brought to the LLG camp single issue voters lured by the fake inclusive camp.

*Third, the Republican Candidate was not only damaged goods going in the process, but he and his running mate did not run a viable campaign. They did not attack Lou on the many items where she is weak and/or contradicting herself. Most interestingly, they totally failed to call her on her stance for abortion, cleverly disguised as "a woman health issue" (as if killing an innocent child is a health issue) Only did they mention anything on the subject, just days before the final vote.  Way too little and too late.

*Fourth and last. That is the Elephant in the room. The newly minted Archbishop of Agatna was totally absent in the process. His right hand man at the time (Fr Richards) came up with the lame excuse that they could not risk the Church Tax exemption Status. We strongly criticized that sitting on the fence at the time in these pages, but the clergy sat that one out. Not only did they sit it out, but they brow beated the few brave ladies who dared raise the issue. The pro life movement had been rendered muted and mutted by a volontary lack of leadership.

What did we learned from this disastrous election cycle 4 years ago?

We learned several things:

1: Do not count on the local media to give you an unbiased point of view, based on facts, not fiction.

2: Do not count on our local religious leaders to help you make the right moral choice.

3: Do your own research about each candidate, Do not be influenced by fancy advertising

4: Learn how to read between the lines, of the double talk of the politicians.

If you do not want your personal values to be hijacked by anti family, anti religious, and immoral special interests activist groups,  become an informed and responsible member of the community by choosing people to represent you, that share your beliefs.


  1. Thank you Frenchie for keeping the light on this. It should be noted that it wasn't LLG who "beat" Aguon and advanced the culture of death candidate, but Dennis Rodriguez. If you recall the 2016 Democrat primary was split 4 ways. Once upon a time, Dennis was a very powerful pro-life candidate and his presence in the primary took away votes mostly from Aguon since both were aggressively pro-life. At the time time I found it suspicious that the vote had been split 4 ways as I believe Dennis had previously said he wasn't interested in running in 2016. Apparently he was convinced to run even though he had little chance of securing the nomination. Undoubtedly, his presence in the race kept Aguon from getting the nomination. And now we know why. Dennis is everywhere in the media stumping for LLG, who is, as you say, the most radical pro-abortion advocate in the history of our territory. I personally went to bat for Dennis back in 2011 and 2012 when we were in a major battle to pass multiple pro-life measures. So sad to see what has become of him. Thanks for your work, Frenchie. Keep it coming.

  2. As usual, good commentary, Frenchie. And as usual I learned some n ew things. For one I didn't know that Lou LG lost by a mere 300+ votes after her and her backers pumping big money into her campaign.

    It's remarkable given that Guam is a largely Catholic, pro-life island. As usual the left are excellent at reframing issues. They reframed barbaric destruction of unborn infants as a "women's health". It's sure not healthy for female unborn infants.

    Keep it up, Frenchie. I always look forward to your written or spoken comments. I always learn something new.

    1. Unfortunately "Catholic" and "pro-life" doesn't mean anything any more. Just look at the people running the country: Biden, Pelosi, etc. And look at the bishops unwilling to engage them. For Guam, the facts simply do not bear this out. The abortion reports show that nearly 2/3 of all abortions for many years were procured by women identifying their ethnicity as "Chamorro" and thus probably Catholic. Then we have the fact that Guam voted for the most radical pro-abortion advocate in Guam's history to be it's governor. I understand that they dressed up the issue as women's health, but either we have to accept that Guam's electorate can be so easily duped or Guam's Catholics really are not pro-life. And then we look at what so many members of the clergy were doing for decades. Plenty of evil here.

  3. Once again Guam voters, this weekend, demonstrated that Guam is not "pro-life." Still there wasn't much of a choice. MSN's past pro-life voting record turned to dust when he chose a pro-abortion running mate.