Tuesday, December 20, 2022


Posted by Tim Rohr

Our Sunday Visitor has a fair article about the Pavonne matter. A key insight is here:

"When a priest becomes a celebrity, he needs a strong support system of people who help keep him humble...I have no insider knowledge on this in particular, but I ran into him frequently over the years, and it was clear some people adored him. And the combination of people adoring you and you and others being convinced you are a victim of persecution can be a dangerous thing."

The Frank Pavone story is not about abortion

Please: Be careful — prayerful — about how you react to the news about Father Frank Pavone now becoming Mr. Frank Pavone by order of the Vatican. Try not to see it through a political lens. Step away of any opinions you may have of the Roman pontiff. Know that abortion is the human-rights issue of our time. The priest who ran Priests for Life is still capable of creating an untenable circumstance for himself to continue as a priest.


My Note: Unfortunately we (Catholics) are in very strange and uncertain times...IN THE CHURCH! The current occupant of the Chair of Peter, himself, has stated, on many occasions, what some would say are "blasphemous things" - the same accusation made against Pavonne. 

Nevertheless, we, the laity, would do well not to second guess stuff that is above our heads. Pavonne provoked the war that eventually came. Let's let him fight it the way he chooses. 

To be clear though, we, the laity of the Archdiocese of Agana, were not in "over our heads" and completely within our moral right to protest and demand Vatican action against more than half a century of the rape and abuse of our children by certain members of our clergy - all of which the current leadership of this Archdiocese has admitted. 

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