Tuesday, January 17, 2023


By Tim Rohr

As a postscript to the previous post PARKINSON WIMPS OUT, this writer asks: WHY IS PARKINSON CONSULTING WITH THE ACLU? 

Per the PDN news story:

“Today, I was originally going to announce an introduction of a bill that would repeal Public Law 20-134. However, after having consultation with the ACLU, I decided to hold off on this decision in order to allow the situation to play out in the courts,” Parkinson said Thursday.

The ACLU's lawsuit is about the in-person mandate required by Guam's informed consent for abortion law. The suit has nothing to do with P.L. 20-134, "Belle's Law." In fact the ACLU suit was initiated several months before the Dobb's decision overturning Roe that brought the long-enjoined "Belle's Law" to the fore as an issue.

So why is Parkinson consulting with the ACLU about a completely different issue. Who is running this place anyway? And is the ACLU now running Parkinson?

Let's not hear of any talk of "independence for Guam" from senators like Parkinson who must "run to papa" before they make a move. 

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