Friday, February 24, 2023


This is a very impactful story. 

In short, a pregnant woman shoots and kills another woman. The killer ("the woman") is imprisoned. The woman argues that her unborn child is a legal person and is being unlawfully and harmfully detained. The woman "is arguing to be released, citing the wrongful detainment of her innocent unborn child in addition to the 'dangerous' prison environment for the baby."

Of course, imprisoned women have delivered their babies before and not necessarily on prison cell floors - at least not in America. So the question really isn't about whether or not this accused killer should be released from prison. The real story is whether or not the baby in her womb is a "person" pursuant to the Constitution and has his or her own rights - even before birth - and should be "released" from prison. 

Which of course is the central argument regarding abortion. 

Florida woman charged with murder sues state over wrongful imprisonment of her unborn baby  

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