Wednesday, March 29, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Today, March 28, 2023, the Vatican announced that Archbishop Byrnes has resigned as Archbishop of Agana and Fr. Romeo Convocar has been appointed Apostolic Administrator until a new archbishop is appointed. 

The Vatican announcement did not give a reason but the media reports "medical reasons." For those of us closer to the situation, we know that the Archbishop's demise was related to reasons of mental health. 

Byrnes' resignation, and his reasons, was anticipated in this post from December 2022: AND SO THEY CRUSHED HIM

And "they" will crush the next bishop too if he is not either a neocat or a boot licker. This is what they do. 

As evidence, I present the following. 

Just yesterday (the timing is interesting given that Convocar knew of Byrnes' resignation), Fr. Convocar, now the Apostolic Administrator, issued a MEMORANDUM to all clergy clarifying that Archbishop Byrnes' 2017 MORATORIUM prohibiting the NCW from establishing new communities is still in force. 

At the end of his MEMORANDUM, Fr. Convocar writes:

"I thank Dr. David Atienza and his wife Maruxa, the Itinerant Catechists of the Neocatechumenal for meeting with me…We all agreed that it was important that all part of the Church - the Body of Christ - work together to shine the Truth and Love of God in this broken world."

This is a joke. 

Atienza and his wife have no more intention of obeying Fr. Convocar than they did Archbishop Byrnes, and they never will. 

More than FOUR YEARS after Archbishop Byrnes issued his March 15, 2015 letter establishing the aforesaid moratorium in the strictest terms, the same Archbishop Byrnes, via Fr. Ronald Richards, was forced to issue another letter, dated August 18, 2021, to the same Mr. Atienza noting that Atienza had ignored the moratorium, had continued to establish new communities, and had to be told, by Byrnes, to "cease this process immediately."


Now, two more years after that last letter, Atienza has to be told again...yesterday.

Soon after Byrnes' arrival on Guam, I and others - who were the reason Byrnes was here in the first place, met with Byrnes and defined very clearly who the neocats were. I'm not speaking of the rank and file members, but specifically of the neocat leadership, Atienza et. al

We told Byrnes that they would faun all over him with faux respect but that behind his back they would laugh at him, disrespect him, ignore him, disobey him, and otherwise drive him crazy while they continued to do whatever they wanted - which is exactly what they did.

We also told him that the reason for this is the NCW has its own hierarchy, and that he - Archbishop Byrnes - was not "their bishop," and "their bishop" would always be Apuron. 

Further, we told him that the NCW was is in fact a parallel church, but even worse, a church masquerading in the deepest heart of the true Church, and that they had heavy hitters in the Vatican who would crush anyone who got in their way - including him (Byrnes).

Despite our dire warnings, Byrnes, nevertheless, wanted to make peace, so we are not surprised at what has happened. True, Byrnes closed the seminary, but that had more to do with finances and illegal land titles than what the neocats were actually doing there. 

Given the reluctance of our church leadership to do anything other than write letters, the only response left us who are tired of this is to once again "stop the money." 

If your parish supports, hosts, provides for a neocat community, then write your pastor a letter as to why you are withholding your donations. A pastor has a lot of control over what happens in his parish, and that includes hosting neocats.

It's sad, but it is the only thing our church leadership appears to hear. 


  1. From Article 2 of their statutes:
    the Neocatechumenal Way is implemented in the dioceses: 1st. under the jurisdiction, direction of the diocesan bishop...

    They are supposed to operate completely under the authority of the bishop or not at all. There should be NO independent operation!

  2. See, that is what happens if a bishop (specifically Apuron, an ardent devotee of the Neo cult) allow a heretical sect to run free; those parasitic Neocats quietly infiltrate various parishes one by one, and finally attack when the harvest is ripe for the picking. As Tim mentioned before, the only time the Church actually listens to its parishioners is when the donations are nigh low.

  3. Laws mean nothing without enforcement. Our bishops have been unwilling to enforce.

  4. I have relocated back to Guam and I am very interested in knowing which parishes here continue to co-share their church with the Neocats. I do not want to be a parishioner of our church if it is one. On another note, can I get clarification as to who exactly the Phoenix Foundation is? They recently purchased the chancery office property and my suspicion is - could this be the NCW? I stand corrected.

    1. I know of Agat and Barrigada for sure. Maybe others can fill in more. I don't know who the Phoenix Foundation is. There is the name of a certain Benny Pinaula who is part of it. I don't know him, but others who do do not think he's associated with the Neo's. Given the name "Phoenix" my first thought was that it is a group of FD alums. My second thought was that if my first thought is correct that maybe they bought it to keep it in the control of people who have the best interest of the Church in mind and may even rent it back to the Church at a reasonable amount so the Chancery can remain. Wouldn't that be wonderful.

    2. Hafa Adai, I am Benny Pinaula and I have no connection to the Phoenix Foundation. I am a contributing member to the FD Alumni Association.

    3. Thank you for the correction. I am not sure how your name came up. I will find out.

    4. Apologies again Mr. Pinaula. The name was Benny Paulino. Thank you again.

    5. Greetings, my name is Major General Benny M. Paulino. I currently serve as the Adjutant General of the Guam National Guard, and therefore have no affiliations with the Phoenix Foundation whatsoever.

    6. Thank you General Paulino. I will forward your note to my source. Very strange all around. Please forgive the rumors. Of course our Archdiocese could put all rumors to rest with a simple statement. But for whatever reason, "they" refuse to. Thank you again.

  5. On second thought, I am unconvinced that Anonymous at 8:42 is "Major General Benny M. Paulino." I don't think a man of Mr. Paulino's standing would respond to something as significant as this in a comment posted by "Anonymous." So the plot and probably the subterfuge continues. If Mr. Paulino is not a part of the Phoenix Foundation then he is welcome to contact me directly.

  6. Ai adai, Anonymous at 8:42 trying to act like a military officer... Too many lies to count -_-