Thursday, March 30, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Given that the neocats, specifically Atienza et. al, have finally succeeded in getting rid of Archbishop Byrnes, we can expect a huge fight over the bishop's chair of little ol' Guam.

Why such a huge fight over a diocese that hardly holds the population of small Los Angeles suburb?

And why has the fight already gone all the way to Rome and will go to Rome once again?

Here's my answer.

It's not that Guam means anything to anyone in Rome or even the neocat hierarchy. The story that Guam was going to be the neocat launchpad into China was all a fiction and if the neocats want into China, they have much better places to launch from. 

No. The real reason why Guam is so important to the neocats, and specifically who the next bishop will be, is because of what happened to Guam's neocat Redemptoris Mater Seminary ("RMS").

The neocats have a bunch of RMS's around the world, and these priest-factories are their key to the highest halls of power throughout the Catholic World. 

The reason is this. 

Bishops who produce the most new priests are fast tracked to the cardinaliate. And it's the cardinals who call the shots at the top of the church, including who will be the next pope. That's why they're called "the princes of the church." And most of these dudes live in a palatial splendor that would embarrass real princes. 

The founders of the NCW can be credited with being masterminds for figuring out that the quickest and surest way to control the Church, would be to control the Cardinals, and the way to control the Cardinals would be put the Cardinals in their debt by helping them go from purple hats (bishops) to red hats (Cardinals) by manufacturing priests in their dioceses in greater and greater numbers.

As many of us heard first hand from several of the neocat seminarians and priests here in Guam, the neocat recruits usually were products of messed up lives, and many were off the streets of third-world countries or at least third-world circumstances.

This is why we see so many of these "recruits" coming from underprivileged countries and NOT going back after ordination, but living a much more comfortable first-world life in the United States and Europe. It's not uncommon for the priesthood to be used this way. In the U.S. it's called an R-1 visa.

Okay. So back to Guam.

The Redemptoris Mater Seminary system, as just shared, is the main artery of the NCW power structure. And the RMS in Guam is the only RMS in the whole world to have been shut down - and by a bishop. 

And not just shut down, but fully and dramatically exposed as a thorough and complete SHAM that not only did not provide a true priestly formation, but bilked the good people of Guam for millions and millions of dollars in the belief that RMS was "A Miracle for Guam" as the neocat shisters proposed their seminary to be:

Moreover, RMS - as The Bronze Opinion would demonstrate - was a functional "land grab" of what was the archdiocese's most valuable asset - at the time, estimated to be - by Apuron's own legal counsel - worth 75 Million Dollars. The whole mess was thoroughly outed in THE CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO and THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY

Archbishop Byrnes had no intention of closing RMS at first. (Perhaps he had his arm severely twisted on his way to Guam). However, the exposition of facts, thanks to tens of thousands of dollars spent by the Concerned Catholics of Guam to legally expose the title mess, mounting evidence that RMS was a sham seminary, and compounded by the daily drumbeat of ever more clergy sex abuse allegations, left Byrnes no option. So he closed it.

And since then, the neocats had been out for his head. 

Byrnes' shut down of the Guam RMS was the first tear in the RMS artery and the neocats knew that it could lead to severe bleeding of evermore RMS's around the world by bishops who have similar misgivings about what is really going on there, functionally crippling the neocats priest-production system and undermining their cardinal-making power.

So to fix the problem, Byrnes had to be 1) run out of town; 2) replaced with a neocat bishop - or a boot licker - who would then decry Byrnes' "mistake," and 3) resurrect RMS. 

They have accomplished step 1. We await to see if they will do the next two. 

As a P.S. Readers may recall that there was a "mystery" group which was first given the go ahead to purchase the former RMS property after the archdiocese declared bankruptcy. They even put down a large deposit. But when it came time to coming up with the balance, they disappeared. The property was eventually purchased by a developer and turned into apartments. Meanwhile, there are now many other church properties on the chopping block. We should keep an eye on who is buying them. 

And a P.P.S. There are some who wonder why I personally care so much about this and why I invest so much time and care in keeping this ugly thing in the public's face. Answer: Byrnes wasn't the only guy they wanted to run out of town. 


  1. hello, I'm European, in the Way 60% of the priests and seminarians are from the European Union. There are many Latinos, Filipinos and Americans. The accusation that followers of liberation theology make the Way in South America is that it is a movement for the "bourgeois" and wealthy. Certainly no seminarian who has come to Guam, which is certainly a beautiful island, has come for money or a green card. Simply because they don't need to. Do you really think that a young man from Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Dublin, Brasilia, Buenos Aires or New York would come to Guam looking for opportunities?

    1. I think that when you reference these young men, they are sent to wherever their Way-affiliated bishops want them to be. This is mainly due to their goal of "evangelizing" countries with strong Catholic root with whatever consociational heresy they try to enforce. As for the RMS here on Guam, just notice how it has been a fraudulent scheme for the many parishioners and religious organizations who have given so much for what they thought would be a genuine seminary forming diocesan clergy for the archdiocese. Turns out just like every other Redemptoris Mater seminary in the world, it is only used as a byway to manufacture otherwise men unfit for the priesthood just for a free pass for a red hat (to the benefit of these bishops; this is what Apuron was trying to do to no avail) in the Vatican. The more priests "consecrated" under your term, more more chances there are for you to be nominated a prince of the church in Rome.

    2. Very few of the seminarians that attended the RMS seminary on Guam were European. Most were from South and Central America.

  2. Re the comment from the European - above: Do you really think that a young man from Rome, Madrid, Warsaw, Dublin, Brasilia, Buenos Aires or New York would come to Guam looking for opportunities? The answer is yes. They either came to Guam or were sent here because they were looking for an opportunity to be ordained after having been rejected elsewhere. But Apuron would ordain them.

  3. obviously not so, they could have been sent. in one of the other 132 seminaries R.M.

    1. Yes. They could have. But Apuron was just a "brother" in the NCW and was under the command of his catechist, G. Genarinni, and he would ordain who Genarinni told him to.

  4. "A miracle for Guam?" Seriously the stinking monk or Bro. Tonyboi should have considered rewording that phrase before publishing it smh.