Saturday, March 11, 2023


...then this whole Neocatechumenal Way (issue) might not be as important to you as it ought to be." - Bob Klitzkie, Tall Tales, Friday, March 10, 2023.

Hear Bob's entire expose, titled "Frenchie vs the Neocats" starting here. And read the whole CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO here on JW.

Meanwhile, the real import of Bob's message is that the Neocat thing is not just an internal Catholic Church squabble. 

If the Neocats can reach into the Department of Land Management - and even all the way up into the office of the AG via at least one very powerful Guam-Barred attorney (as demonstrated in FIASCO) - and manipulate Certificate of Titles to properties valued at mega-millions of dollars, then what else can they do, or even, what else have they already done - especially given the Neocats intimate connection with the Bank of Guam?

The Neocat matter is NOT just an internal Church squabble. It's a mafioso-like takeover of the internal workings of everything in both our church and government that Kiko-Guerillas intend to control - a realtime assault by realtime Neo-Colonists. 

Where's Bevacqua when we need him? 

Oh yah. Never mind. 

BTW, just to keep things clear, the Director of DLM whom Bob sued (and won) was Michael Borja, not "Juan Borja" as Bob stated on his show. 

Again, read about the whole mess on JW in CERTIFICATE OF TITLE FIASCO....and be afraid for what the Neocats can do to your own title. 

Meanwhile, it looks like they are ready to scoop up several properties that they caused to be forfeited via their forced bankruptcy of the Archdiocese of Agana - which is detailed in the ongoing series: HIGH DRAMA IN THE AOA

Bob's commentary was interrupted by the "half-time show." His commentary after the half-time show continues here


  1. It's Carmen, not Gloria, but other than that, he covered their penchant for fraud pretty well. Catholics should pay special attention to Kiko's heresy too, but they won't. And bishops use Neo priests and seminarians as currency to curry favor with Rome, all the while allowing the parishes under their purview to crumble.

  2. The property "acquisition" was notified to ordinary church goers IN ADVANCE, as a "miracle" on a continent a long way from Guam.