Friday, November 24, 2023


By Tim Rohr

STORY: Pope Francis bonds with transgender women invited to Vatican luncheon: ‘I send the pope a big kiss!’

I'm not even going to get into the transgender thing here, nor the reported words and actions of the ever elusive pope. Instead, the more important thing is this (emphases added);

“Carla Segovia, a 46-year-old Argentine sex worker, said for transgender women like herself, being a godparent is the closest thing she will ever get to having a child of her own. She said that the new norms made her feel more comfortable about maybe one day returning fully to the faith that she was baptized in but fell away from after coming out as trans...This norm from Pope Francis brings me closer to finding that absolute serenity,’ she said, which she feels is necessary to be fully reconciled with the faith..."

That Ms. Segovia believes she has to feel "comfortable" and find "absolute serenity" before she can feel "fully reconciled with the faith," is not the fault of Ms. Segovia. It is the fault of decades (post-Vatican 2) of Catholic pastors elevating the idea of a "welcoming church" above The Cross of Jesus Christ because it is easier for them to do and ultimately makes them happy with themselves. 

And all of which is in absolute contradiction with Jesus himself who told us: The World will hate you." (Jn. 15: 18-25)


  1. Ahi adai, ""new norms". We have to watch for priests and bishops referring to these poor souls as "women". Because to do so is to jump headlong into nihilism.

    1. I am torn between "watching out" with almost everything and ignoring just about everything. I am partial to the latter though :)