Friday, October 20, 2023


By Tim Rohr

This is an angle, or rather a "deep dive," into the root of the terror in the Middle-East that you are not going to hear about from any major media source, regardless of which side they're on. 

It's not just Jews vs Muslims - as the pop media would have us believe. It's actually a monstrous Christian Heresy vs both Jews AND Muslims, if not the whole world. 

The following series of two talks lays out clearly the history of Christian Zionism, a "theology" which found its full force in American politics and has wrought not just the current murderous mess in the Middle-East, but the murderous mess of decades past and decades to come. 

Christian Zionism part 1: Tracing the Lines of a Warmongering Heresy

Christian Zionism part 2: Why Christian Zionism Is a Problem

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  1. Part I is quite good!

  2. There is more on Christian Zionism (as a heresy) at: