Monday, September 9, 2013


Though we mentioned the radio interview between Patti Arroyo and Fr. Gofigan on this post awhile ago, we did not have, at the time, the link to audio recording of the interview. The post has been updated to include the link and we are also providing it here:


  1. So where does the Archbishop's Aviso stand in all of this? I believe Fr. Paul should resume his duties as Pastor.

    The faithful in the Archdiocese deserve an apology for all of you said, "someone messed up."

    Let's move forward.

  2. This whole situation with Fr. Paul and the Archbishop is frought with contradictions and inconsistencies. Just what is the truth in terms of what has actually transpired over the past couple of months. I believe if Fr. Paul has not been officially removed from his position as Pastor of the Santa Barbara Parish, then he should be allowed to resume his duties and have the Parish restored the to a semblance of normalcy which the parishioners deserve. By continuing the uncertainty of Fr. Paul's status puts the Archdioesce in a bad light. Let's end this conflict once and for all and get back to the true mission of the Church.

  3. I just finished reading the latest copy of the U Matuna Si Yu'os dated 09-29-13. One of the articles in the paper talks about forgiveness, it is titled, Pope says church should face wayward members like a merciful mother. Pope Francis said the church should approach its members with the face of a patient, merciful and understanding mother, who always forgives her erring children and never ceases to pray that they resume the path of Christian living. Likewise, the Pope said, the church seeks always to help and encourage its wayward children: " never shuts the church's doors; does not judge, but offers God's foregiveness, offers the love that invites even those children who have fallen into a deep abyss to return to the path". I suspect that there is a deeper motive than just Father Paul, and the man that has not had one incident since his last incident 32 years ago. There are two issues that could put Father Paul in this very difficult situation. First, is the pressure that the SNAP group is putting on the Archdiocese, and second the NEO issue that not all Priest are in favor of. It is truly a sad day for ALL Catholics, when the ones that are suppose to be leading us, are dividing us.

    foregiveness, and is sincere,sorry