Tuesday, September 24, 2013


In response to the Facebook war over what Francis really said, or what he meant by what he said, or if he said what meant, or if meant to say what he said, or if he really said what he said, etc. And in response to Francis calling himself "a bit naive", and his interviewer calling Francis' words "an eruption of thought". 

"Truly, we need to cut the guy some slack. We're not used to men like this sitting in Peter's chair. Benedict, after nearly a lifetime in Rome and things Vaticano, was the very antithesis of naive. And JP2, winnowed and harrowed by the Nazis and decades of communism, knew well the face of relativism and evil. 

But Francis springs from the South American coca fields of liberation theology and all things Che. That's not to say that he subscribes to any of it, and he says he doesn't, but his eruptions of thought nevertheless smell of Evita and make one nostalgic for the 60's. It should be fun for the next decade or so. At least I think so. Have a beer and pray the rosary."

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