Monday, October 28, 2013


Dear Friends of the Unborn...and Born Alive:  

Today, Monday, October 28, at 2pm, the Rules Committee will vote on whether or not to place Bill 195-32 on the agenda for the legislative session which begins tomorrow.

To review:

  • Bill 195-32 would declare infants who survive an abortion procedure legal human beings under Guam law, and would mandate medically appropriate treatment for those infants.
  • 25 states have a similar law.
  • Even though there is a federal born-alive law, that law only applies to bureaus and agencies under federal control, not private abortion clinics.
  • As 25 other states have found, such an law is necessary to address a gray area in the law as to whether a born-alive infant, previously sentenced to death by abortion, can be considered a legal person and deserving of the legal protections of other human beings.
As mentioned previously, it is difficult to oppose such a bill. The reality that is abortion becomes grotesquely clear when the child lays writing on the delivery table in full view. 

The plan by the opposition was to derail the bill as unnecessary. This position has been publicly discredited. The only way it could now prevail is if "pro-life" senators say or do nothing to counter this position if it is pushed in a session debate.

But they probably won't have to. No senator wants to be on record opposing a bill that deals with the specter of a live infant left to die in the abortion clinic trash. And they have already seen what we (Esperansa) can and will do with the public record of such actions.

So here's what the opponents will conspire to do:
1. It will be placed on the agenda (so we have nothing to complain about)
2. It will be placed in the third reading file without discussion (that means it will be voted on)
3. It will be voted down.
4. The end.

This is the safest path for the pro-aborts to take. Other than a hand - raised only for an instant - there is no statement, no impassioned speech, no legislative account of their being for the killing of born-alive infants. And they will bet that the majority of Guam is paying more attention to school bus schedules than the writhing, gasping piece of flesh who was supposed to be dead...and soon will be. 

There is one more option they could take. They could argue that we don't have the resources to save these children. Let them argue. But let them also be reminded that 60% of the children butchered every day in Tamuning are Chamorro. 

And let them be reminded of the haunting question of the late-Senator Belle Arriola:

Let me tell you, at the rate Guam Memorial Hospital is aborting children, between 400-600 a year, and most of them are not even reported. Where are the lives that we are going to protect and preserve? Here we go talking about indigenous rights and self-determination. What good is all that if we don't have our followers to follow and enjoy the fruits of our labor, of this generation's labor, of your labor and my labor to fix this island and have autonomous rights to govern our people? - quoted in: Asian/Pacific Islander American Women: A Historical Anthology, pg. 372, edited by Shirley Hume, Gail M. Nomura

Bill 195-32 as introduced
Bill 195-32 history

The testimony of Drs. Bordallo and Bez here.
The testimony of Bank of Guam President, Lou Leon Guerrero, here.
The testimony of Executive Director of the Ayuda Foundation, Carlotta Leon Guerrero here.
The testimony of Attorney Anita Arriola here.
Sirena Mafnas here
Tim Rohr here
Several other testimonies in support of the bill will be available once the committee report is uploaded to the Legislature's website.
See Esperansa's full resource page on Bill 195 here
KAITLYN'S STORY: A Guam abortion survivor 

Senators' Email Addresses

One out of every 11.75 pregnancies of Guam women end in abortion. 
We are killing 8% of our children
(2011 Guam statistical year book crude birth rate for 2008-2011 compared with Guam Medical Records Abortion reports for the same period.)

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