Friday, October 25, 2013


Bill 195-32 would outlaw the killing of an infant who survives an abortion and would mandate "medically appropriate" treatment for the child.

In addition to Sirena Mafnas, who gave oral testimony in support of Bill 195-32, as per the committee report, the following individuals submitted written testimonies in support of the bill:

  1. Tim Rohr
  2. Marjorie DeBenedictis, MD
  3. Genevieve Leon-Guerrero-Garrett
  4. Mary Lou Garcia-Pereda
  5. Christy Alcantara
  6. Sharon O'Mallan
  7. Dona Mila Taitano
  8. David Zieber (left off committee report)

This is quite sad. Senator Aguon's committee should have gotten hundreds of emails and letters in support of this bill. No wonder the pro-aborts think they can trample on us. We'll be watching for a call to action from "the Hill."

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