Sunday, November 10, 2013


This is an incredible statement…even for Won Pat. 

In arguing AGAINST the INFANT CHILD'S RIGHT TO LIFE ACT (Bill 195), Won Pat laments the loss of doctors who will perform abortions:

"What scares me about this is there won't be any medical professionals or doctors here to provide these types of services so what will our women do? 
As if Chamorro women will be lost without doctors to kill their children. Umm, Speaker Won Pat, in the past at least, Chamorro mothers actually gave birth to their children. And if they couldn't take care of them, their families did. At least that's what Guam USED to be.

She then further laments: 

"They will go to butchers" 

Ummm, Speaker Won Pat. They already  go to "butchers". What the hell do you call this?

Won Pat goes on: 

"So what you're doing now is not endangering not just the mothers but even the child."
Oh, just think of that. We might even endanger the child! Ummm, Speaker Won Pat, refer to the above.

She concludes by asking: 

"Is that what we want. is that the kind of community we're going to turn into? 

Speaker Won Pat, Guam is already THAT community. Thanks to lawmakers like you, Guam is the easiest place in the nation to kill a baby, and for decades we have been killing our children at an alarming rate, most of who whom are your own people, Madame Speaker. 60% are Chamorro children, killed by men who are not from here and who are only here for profit. And you protect them?

For the record, Madame Speaker, and for anti-colonialists like you, the rate at which these foreigners chop up our children makes anything the Spanish did look humanitarian. And now, you want these baby hackers to not only have the right kill babies in the womb, but to kill them outside the womb too?

Isn't amazing that Libs like Won Pat are the first to rush to regulate everything from plastic bottles to cigarettes, but how dare we regulate abortion. 

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