Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday morning: 71,774
This morning: 74,321


  1. Dear Vatican -

    We are a hurting people. This blog is our cry for help. I know it is incredible, the terrible things you see written here. But we assure you, your trip here to investigate will find merit in our concerns.

    You may logically question: How do so many people know so many things? And why is this just now happening? But please understand the unique nature of our community.

    Guam is small with only 200 square miles, and only 165,000 people. Most of us are related in one way or another to each other. I know my second and third cousins. And because we are such a small and tight community, we generally know what everyone else is up to. So how we know is because there are no secrets on Guam, unless you are totally blind you have an idea what is happening.

    In a distant way, I am related to the Archbishop through a marriage in my family. It has always been such an honor to say that we were related, but the reality is now that I must look to what is best for Guam and best for the Church. I am Janet B and many know me.

    Why is this just now happening? Well, it has actually been going on for quite some time. We know what is going on, but also, because we are generally a very respectful people, and because our faith is so strong, we have not spoken out about the Archbishop because we respect the office. It took a combination of several factors to cause us to speak out. First and foremost, Mr Rohr has courageously pointed out what most of us have known deep down in our hearts. Believe me, even his supporters are aware of the problems that exist with the office of the Archbishop. Mr Rohr's blog has given us the ability to cry together, to plead for help, to demand for better.

    Plus, a recent series of problems, starting with the unfair treatment of a beloved priest, the neglect of selected seminarians, and their own brash attitude of the NCW, we finally reached a tipping point. And these issues, now that they are revealed, will not go quietly back into the darkness. They have been openly spoken, and the words and disappointment cannot be taken back.

    When you come to do your investigation of what you read in these comments, please let all know what you have found. Then we can start the healing that is so desperately needed.

    Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores, intercede for us!

  2. The best person, I am told, to contact is the Nuncio for our region, Archbishop Martin Krebs. He is based in Wellington, New Zealand. According to the website his email is

    There's also his address and fax number on that website.

    I think it's best you write or email him using your real name (I will do that). Also tell him if you are a parishioner or if you serve on a church committee or group. Tell him what you know. Facts, facts, facts. We've all seen and heard with our own eyes and ears. Ask him to come to Guam and see for himself. Especially to come and make sure the chancery does not pick and choose who he talks to. But that he hears from everybody. I think he'll keep your name confidential if you ask him to.

  3. I think it is important that the nuncio get many many emails and letters. If he gets 100 emails and letters asking him to come and see and hear for himself, he must take notice. Just my opinion.

  4. The time is right for an Apostoliic visitation to the Archdiocese of Agana and the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa. We cannot heal and move forward until this area of the pacific is healed. There are so many unresolved issues now causing disunity in these islands. The disunity is sadly caused by our episcopal leadership.