Wednesday, January 22, 2014


NOTE: While this blog has become the focus of a local Catholic Church dispute, with the majority of our posts being dedicated to it, JungleWatch also "watches" other goings-on in the social "Jungle". The following post is one of those "goings-on". And given Senator Cruz' past legislative "differences" with the Church, this post is not all that disconnected."

In today's Pacific Daily News, Vice Speaker Benjamin Cruz said:
"If working families in the private sector haven't gotten a pay raise in years, no senator should close his eyes, turn his head, and take more of the people's money." 
That's nice. Maybe he's had a change of heart since November of 2010, when he had no problem accepting an increase in his senatorial salary from $55,303 to $60,000 (NOT INCLUDING BENEFITS), made possible by the His Benevolence Senator Rory Respicio.

AND, by the way, the pay raise was made RETROACTIVE back to the beginning of the legislative term. How many of you "working families in the private sector" could EVER hope for that kind of deal. 


  1. A pay hike for a job not being done! This is where greediness comes into play. Well it's election year and some of these senators need to go out to pasture!

  2. I'm not voting for BJ Cruz.

  3. Tim,

    The seminarians were heard discussing the status of the seminary. They said that they own it. Not clear if they said the now own it but it was clear they were boasting of their pride and joy, the seminary that was bought by the archdiocese, at least initially. They also commented how the efforts of the finance council who were fired by the archbishop in their attempt to block the transfer of title was all for not. Were they really fired for this reason? Did the archbishop really do this? How can he do this? Is that not the reason they are there, to protect church from these very thing from happening? Sounds to me like they want to do a victory lap. Do you know if that title was transferred to Fr. Pius and Kiko? How can the archbishop just give this valuable property away? Can someone check who the title is under? This is very scary. I am a local born and I feel like a foreigner on my own island.

  4. Will be responding to your comment in a post.