Wednesday, January 29, 2014


In our last post on this story, we spoke of the Neocat "bigwigs" visiting an ill Archbishop Apuron effectively ordering him to turn over the seminary property before he kicks the bucket, so they, as sole owners, can do an "in your face" to the people of Guam and any new bishop that came along who didn't like them. 

Actually when I first heard about this, I felt sorry for the Archbishop. These people have used him from the beginning, and here he is on what might have been his death bed, and like impetuous, spoiled, self-absorbed children, they show up and demand they be given the house or the car or whatever they can get their greedy hands on before their other brothers and sisters get to their dying father.

Most people think that it's Fr. Pius who calls the shots and the Archbishop is his puppet. But that's a myth. Both Pius and the Archbishop take their orders from a higher power, the "bigwigs", a married couple who lives in New Jersey. They are the "responsibles" for the Neocatechumenal Way for the whole United States, and they answer directly to Kiko. 

They are also two of the four "Guarantors" of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. And in the articles of incorporation of RMS, they have assigned themselves veto and approval power over all decisions relative to the administration, direction, and fate of RMS. 

RMS may be incorporated as a "corporation sole" under Archbishop Apuron, but by contrast, the rest of the archdiocese has no guarantors who have veto and approval power over the archbishop's decisions. The only body that even approaches such power in normal archdiocesan affairs is the finance council, and that is only in regards to financial decisions as prescribed and limited by Canon law. 

There are four guarantors: the Archbishop, this couple, and an NCW priest who is not from Guam nor does he reside here. Thus we have the archdiocese's largest financial asset, a property estimated by the archbishop's own legal counsel to be worth at least $75,000,000, 75% controlled or close to being controlled, by foreigners, strangers! And what's more, they are the hardest of the hard core neocats AND Kiko's immediate lieutenants. 

I am told that the legal counsel, a man who has spent most of his professional life assisting this archdiocese and specifically this archbishop, and who was the chief engineer in acquiring the seminary property in the first place, objected to the inclusion of a Board of Guarantors, especially one composed of 75% strangers. 

Normally, a personal guarantor is only required in the formation of a corporation if the corporation has no assets, in order to ensure payment of debts. However, not only is the seminary property the biggest archdiocesan asset of all, it is owned free and clear by the good graces of a gift, and the many hours of pro bono work by the legal counsel. (We already noted previously how the gift was never intended to fund the creation of a Neocatechumenal seminary.) 

In other words, there was ZERO need for a personal guarantor let alone a whole Board of Guarantors, which is why the legal counsel objected. And even then, why populate the board with people who don't live here? What's wrong with the many good, strong financial people of Guam who the archdiocese already has a long standing relationship with?

Of course, NOW we know. They were there to be in a position to do exactly what they did: get that property into their control so they can stiff any bishop who tries to get rid of the Neo and screw the rest of us Judases who won't submit to their cult. And as far as we know, they may have already succeeded.

I have a helluva lot more to say about this! Meanwhile, the well-known and much respected Catholic Answers apologist, Jimmy Akin, had a very famous tiff in 2006 with the male half of this shadow couple. Read it here. It's scary to think that this is the man who controls the Catholic Church on Guam. 


  1. The Neocatechumenal Way sits for the Lord and says: "We don't care, we already obey!"

    1. Found on website

  2. What are the liturgical variations allowed by the Congregation of the Neocatechumenal Way?

    Gennarini: Cardinal Arinze's letter accepts the principle that the Neocatechumenal communities of special celebrations on Saturday night. In order to better appreciate the importance of this grant, we must take into account that many are opposed to this practice of the Way, considering it elitist or divisive (although the liturgies of the road are open to all). Despite everything, this principle has been officially approved. The request to participate once a month in the general celebrations of the parish is already frequently, for example in the context of liturgical solemnities like Christmas, the Epiphany, the institution of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, the festivities, the Assumption , All Saints Day, the Immaculate Conception.

    The letter also cites the article in the Roman Missal regarding, but transforms it from an extraordinary practice to an ordinary one.

    Even the 'resonances' before the homily were accepted. And it is a whole new thing in the Church, the letter explains some general guidelines.

    The letter also allows for the sign of peace to take place before the offertory. To understand the magnitude of this concession, we must remember that only a few weeks before the date of this letter, the Prefect of the Congregation explained to hundreds of bishops attending the Synod on the Eucharist that no one was authorized to change the time of the sign of peace. In fact, some bishops' conferences had requested this change, but it had never been granted. Finally, the current way of distributing communion is enabled for a long period experimentally.

    This shows that it is not a practice irreverent, but fully legitimate as any person who participates in a Eucharist of the community can be seen. It 's in the context of the final approval of the Statutes, which at this time are also approved experimentally.

    When this period ends experimentally, the Commission Interdicasterial of the five congregations which approved the statutes (the Council of the Laity of the Faith, the clergy, of catechesis, liturgy and Catholic Education) verify the necessary adaptations.

  3. Talk about "white collar" corruption!

  4. After reading all of this, I just cannot figure out how Rome can know about this and do nothing? Or am I wrong?

  5. The piece by Jimmy Akin sums it up well. So, the problem is nation-wide or world-wide, not just in Guam. Wow!

  6. Guam has been taken for a ride! Our money is trash and the Neos are the trash collectors!

  7. The people of Guam have been abused because archbishop Apuron and his staff on the hill have abused their power. The question becomes how much longer are the diocesan priests of Guam, and the people going to allow this abuse to happen.

  8. Is it abuse or is it corruption ?

  9. If the Church asset is over $1 million, doesn't it have to have Vatican approval? Maybe the transaction is illegal to begin with. I'm sure someone can research Canon law to confirm that there was a flaw in the transaction. The Neo is really trying our patience. I expect things to get violent soon.

  10. Agree with comments. The diocesan priests of Guam must now take their concerns direct to the congregation for the clergy in Rome. Rome needs to decide what is the best action to now take. To,further delay the intervention of the holy see will lead to serious problems ahead.

  11. To The priests of Guam. Please study the above post of Mr. Rohr. If. Archbishop Apuron dies tonight you will have lost 75, million USD. If you are true sons of Guam you should protect the church. It is time to unite the clergy and call for the action of the Holy See. The archbishop is being governed by the couple in New Jersey. He has lost the capacity to lead the archdiocese of Agana.

  12. Like a novel. Apuron on his bed after an operation and the couple hanging a pen and paper over him, sign away the property old man, before you die, so kiko and I have more power over the next archbishop of Guam. It's tragic what the archbishop has done, that he has been fooled as well. But then that is the archbishop. He never thinks. The last one in who gives him an idea he follows . All the Guam clergy know this. It's a joke. Had the nun told him to perm his hair green, because he look good, the poor man would have done it. He is so insecure. Poor thing.

  13. Archbishop Apuron and his two wise men are becoming a joke of the international church.

  14. You are all so naive! Notice how this article is completely BIAS. The Archbishop is NOT a fool. He's seen this coming since he had his first death scare a few years back. I can't believe the people of Guam are so misguided that they believe everything they read online, especially opinions. You're all just jumping on the hater bandwagon. Such narrow minds.