Monday, February 24, 2014


More love from Anonymous Neos. In response to TOO MUCH INFORMATION, Anonymous Neo replies with more evidence of why we should all be Neos: are really stupid. I said, "Money is collected and used for both the Way's retreat and the Parish, and these collections are USUALLY done after the Liturgy of the word. ."...and you're mouthing off "weekly" collection?? DUH!!! How is it that you interpret the word "usually" to weekly?? Do we have a retreat every week???? DUH!!! No, we have a retreat every five to six weeks, idiot.  
 If the community needs to order some flowers, they can do a collection, just as it is stated in the Statues....and what makes you think that we are not following the laws?? Didn't I just tell you that we give to the Parish for the use of their facility? And did I not tell you that we give to the Catholic schools whenever we use their facility.  
Like I said, bring out the auditors because all they're going to see is the Way contributing to the Parish and the Catholic school for using their facility whenever we hold a celebration or retreat. They will see that we are helping the local economy by using the local hotels. You ask for a surplus?? DUH!! Would you like to see the hotel bill last year that the Way held at the Marriot for three nights for 300 people, which includes seminarians with no money?? Ask God how it was possible that such a bill was actually paid?  
You say I'm vindictive. Well, it takes one to know one. Simple as that.
First of all, I nowhere said he was "vindictive", I simply said that he concluded his previous comment with a particularly "vicious taunt". And of course he gives us another example of that language here. 

But moving on, what Anonymous Neo now tells us is that I was wrong to assume that the Neos have "weekly collections" at their Liturgy of the Word and that these collections are only done "usually", which appears to be related to when they need to pay for something. 

Okay. So then while the rest of us who attend the "regular Mass" (his term), contribute to a "regular" collection to sustain the parish as a whole, not including the 10% the chancery takes for itself, and not including the money demanded from us to support your seminary, the NCW only takes up a collection when it needs to pay for something for itself. Of course, we knew this already, but thanks for clarifying. 

Of course we still have the issue of your collecting money, however frequently, and "giving" to the parish as if you are an autonomous organization with a bank account. Unless you are incorporated as an autonomous organization, every penny first belongs to the parish, and must be submitted to and accounted for the same as the "regular" parish collections that we "regular" Catholics give at the "regular Masses." Otherwise, YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE LAW.

Thank you again. Prior to your entries, we only had observations. We now have a first hand account. Since you are so anxious to see the auditors, please provide your name and phone number as a point of contact. 

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