Monday, February 3, 2014


Notice what my "persecution" was in the two posts below. I defended my friend Mary Lou, who, for simply having an opinion, was slapped around by Mr. Leon Guerrero. My "persecution" of Mr. Leon Guerrero was simply pointing out that he was discourteous to Mary Lou. You then see all hell break loose. 

It would be easy to say the Mr. Leon Guerrero's actions are not representative of the Neocatechumenal Way, but in fact they are very representative of Kiko's teaching that those of us who are "unsalted" are Judases. Even if his infantile diatribe is not an action Kiko personally would have condoned, it demonstrates how Kiko's particular brand of theology can radicalize the unstable, particularly if they are young. 

By the way, Ben, thanks for punching up my pageviews. It's the most I've had in any one day. Couldn't have done it without you.

And another thing, we're holding on to the Agat story for now, but if people like you want to run your mouth, well then... Just sayin' you might want to check with your catechists.


  1. Wow! I was so looking forward to read about " Daniel " and the "Scandal in the Lions' Den". Shucks, guess I have to wait.

    1. We'll come to that if we have to. But Rome is more concerned about the mishandling of money and property. So right now, that's the story.

  2. Thank you, Tim, for backing me up when Benjamin Leon Guerrero II decided to attack me for daring to express my opinion on Fr. Mike’s post. It appears that Benjamin and those of his ilk have been conditioned to viciously attack anybody — laity or clergy — who questions or criticizes anything remotely connected to the NCW.

    I used to receive daily emails from Zenit until I realized that their glowing reports on the activities of the NCW had been provided by the NCW itself. The Vatican provided the “neutral” reports — such as the translation of the Pope’s address to the NCW — and the follow-up stories highlighting sections that could be construed as unconditional papal endorsement of the NCW came from them. That did not make for accurate, unbiased reporting on the NCW as far as I was concerned.

    I had posted my comment as a response to Fr. Mike’s question, “Wonder what his talk will be about?…” basing it on my past experience with the Zenit emails, and left it at that. Imagine my surprise when I saw the JW post “Just a Sampling of Their Venom” yesterday! I didn’t realize that my comment had elicited the attack on me — and eventually on you! His verbal assault against you — including his name calling and characterizing you having Lucifer as your master! — truly sounded like the ranting and raving of someone with an unbalanced mind.

    I can’t help thinking back to a comment I has posted on “Mr. Rohr Is After Me,” recounting how often you had come to the defense of the Archbishop and the Church, usually at Apuron’s request. That you would come to my defense proves that you will defend not just the strong and powerful (like the Archbishop), but also the “regular Catholic in the pew,” as you did with me.

    Thank you again. May God bless you for all you have done — and continue to do — via this blog.