Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Many have asked what they can do to assist what has become the cause of this blog.

We have already encouraged you to write the Apostolic Nunico (see tab above). If you haven't then do so. And do so according to the instructions given. Don't worry that you don't have any hard evidence or documentation. Share what you know and feel.

Another thing you can do is to elevate the visibility of this blog by linking to it from Facebook and other social media and also any websites or blogs that you author or manage. You can also link to it when visiting other websites, blogs and social media posts when making a comment. The more external links to the blog, the higher its ranking on Google.

You can also start your own blog and promote certain posting from this blog on yours. To start a blog just go to and follow the instructions. When you find a post that you want to share, just make a short post with some of your own commentary and then link to the story on this blog. Also, link your blog post to Facebook and Twitter.

By doing this we can build an army that Rome will hear. Otherwise this blog is just the thoughts of one guy with a lot of anonymous comments.

Speaking of comments, as many of you have seen, I am not posting those which are particularly personally damning - from either side, especially when they involve allegations of a sexual nature. Feel free to send them. I keep everything. The time will come when all the pieces will be put together and we can use them. And as already mentioned, I will have particular use for the comments from the haters. I already have quite a collection.


  1. I would use my real name to post in this blog if I could figure out how to do so. Perhaps others have had the same challenge.

  2. Underneath the comment box is a drop down box which gives you different options to "Comment as:" Select Name/URL and then continue. There you go. BTW. Pope Francis is not my real name. :)

  3. What url is one to use?

  4. leave url blank

  5. We should start a Jungle Watcher group on facebook! :)


    2. That is a page. I meant a group where people could join and discuss. It might give your blog extra exposure.

    3. Maybe this will work. It is Open, for now.

  6. Fellow Catholics, below is part of the content of my letter going to Rome and to the Apostolic Nuncio. For now, you know me as Maria (yes, an anonymous) but I, too, will eventually reveal and identify my voice when that time arises. Let’s not continue our silence; let’s take our heads out of the sand, open our eyes and take action thru our letters! Mine will be amongst those voices going to Rome and to the Apostolic Nuncio. Fellow Faithful, please do the same.

    1. First and foremost, I am fed up with the disregard by this Shepherd and the neo community for the Liturgical instructions from Rome for the reverent postures required toward that which all Catholics are taught and devoutly believe to be the Flesh and Blood of Jesus Christ, Himself, and which we regard to be the Catholic universal belief that it is the Sum and Summit of our Catholic Faith – The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

    2. I am fed up of continually seeing this Shepherd’s demonstration of his LACK OF GENUINE love and LACK OF REVERENCE for the Holy Eucharist by his REFUSAL to promote, defend AND REQUIRE of the neo community the proper posture and manner of the distribution and reception of Holy Communion, taught and promulgated by the Church.

    3. I am fed up over the scandalously poor role model and example this Shepherd has been to the flock with his disregard toward following the Church’s teachings about respect for and obedience to the Magisterium, when this Shepherd demonstrated an arrogant disrespect and refusal to obey and conform to the Magisterium’s instructions to change the manner in which the neo community distributes and receives Holy Communion; his refusal and disobedience continues, even today.

    4. I am fed up with how The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is disrespectfully abused and misused as an opportunity and instrument for a recruitment commercial for the neos in the midst of The Holy Mass! We Faithful Catholics recognize, understand and follow in our parishes the reasons these acts of disrespect should never be done, at any point and time, DURING the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!

    5. I am fed up with my observations of this Shepherd showing NO GENUINE interest NOR GENUINE concern FOR EVERY SINGLE SHEEP and MEMBER of the Catholic Church of this Diocese under him, EXCEPT for the newly-found neo community of which he is an avid and devoted member of – thus showing favoritism, an unbecoming trait of one who should be a Leader and Shepherd to all.

    6. I am fed up with how our parishes are robbed of our contributions to our Parish and forced to give toward the existence and upkeep of a Seminary serving not our needs nor the formation of our sons, but primarily for foreigners who are then sent off to serve other dioceses of the world; additionally, I am fed up with the way we are misled and lied to about the use of the monies taken from our parishes – meant mainly for the survival of a movement we do not want, do not accept, nor want to support. Contributions should be a voluntary choice and not imposed under duress.

    7. Finally, but not the least, I am fed up with the CONFUSION, THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS AND DIVISIONS created by the existence of an exclusive neo community; and fed up with the fact that all this things continue to be escalated by not only this Shepherd’s membership in but especially his practice and espousal of “neo ways” which we know to contradict with our Catholic Catechetical Teachings -- especially in the neo’s refashioning of the Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and on the neo’s altering of the distribution and reception of Holy Communion.

    These are why we reject the neo and its hierarchy’s ways, not the individual members who are subject to what they espouse.

  7. Thank you for explaining pope Francis.

  8. Thank you mr. Rohr. The section some notes helps readers of this blog understand the social media aspect of this blog much better. We will implement what you have explained to readers.