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A Reyes - AgatMarch 25, 2014 at 9:19 AM

I am an Agat parishioner and live near the chapel. When that chapel was being built we were told that we could only have mass there one Sunday per month. They wanted us join the rest of the parish the rest of the time. Now the NCW uses it every week for their masses. Can we also use it every week for Sunday masses? I would love to if possible.

Then I see in the U Matuna that the Boys Chapel is also being restricted for use. No Sunday masses, no baptisms, no weddings. I am a donor to that chapel and no one mentioned when they were asking for funds about any restrictions. If it is a Catholic chapel why can't it be used as such?

It seems very unfair that the NCW can celebrate anywhere they want every Saturday, including houses, hotels and gymnasiums, but official Catholic chapels cannot be used for these same purposes.

Why is that Archbishop Anthony?

How the chapel looks when "regular" Catholics use it.

How the chapel looks when Neo-Catholics use it.

MY NOTES: I too live near the Santa Ana Chapel. My next door neighbor's family is the family which both originally donated the land and, about 10 years ago, began raising the money to rebuild the chapel after the original had been destroyed. 

At the time the fund raising efforts began, the construction costs were estimated to be about $30,000. After the group raised about $15,000 of it, they went to the Archbishop to request assistance to fund the balance. The Archbishop told them that they would have to raise the full amount on their own. So they did.

Their efforts were ceaseless. Every Sunday they were at the parish Masses with different fund raising events: bake sales, pancake breakfasts, etc. They also sold food at the Tuesday Night Market in Agat and hosted a variety of other activities in this effort to rebuild their beloved chapel. 

Meanwhile, though, construction costs went up and when it finally came time to build, the total came to over $50,000. That's quite a sum to be raised through bake sales and other small fund raisers. But raise it they did! And there was quite a celebration when the chapel was completed in 2008.

It is true, that at the time, that in addition to the normal celebrations surrounding the feast of St. Anne for whom the chapel is named, only one Mass per month was allowed to be celebrated there: the Mass for First Saturdays. Regular Sunday Mass and Masses of obligation were not allowed to be celebrated there. Since the Sunday Mass is the center of parish life, I supported the decision not to have Sunday or obligatory Masses there, even though our family could have walked to Mass at the Santa Ana chapel. 

The good people who rebuilt the Santa Ana Chapel understood and complied without complaint. However, they now see the chapel that they built - with years of bake sales - used 3-4 times per week by neo groups, including a weekly Sunday liturgy (the neo's Saturday night "eucharist"), something the builders of the chapel were denied.

A. Reyes, above, makes an important point. Where is the "decree" allowing "Sunday and obligatory Masses" (the "eucharists" celebrated by the Neos) in all these other places: hotels, gyms, parish halls, private homes, classrooms, etc.? If a consecrated Catholic Chapel cannot be used for Sunday Mass, then how come a parish hall? If a consecrated Catholic Chapel cannot be used for Baptisms, then how come the Bishop Baumgartner School gymnasium (where the Neos held/hold their Easter Vigil and perform baptisms)? And by the way, where are those baptisms recorded? Or are they?

We indeed, have two churches on Guam, if not doctrinally differentiated - as we are finding out more and more - then certainly differentiated by administration and favors. And we are being asked to pay for all this. 


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