Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Dear Diana,

As promised, I will not make any posts about the NCW until 11pm, Thursday, 3/13/14, in order to give you time to respond to my invitation. So consider this a continuation of my invitation. 

I see from your comments on your blog that you are thinking of not meeting with me because you do not consider yourself to be a spokesperson for anyone. I understand, and I apologize for terming you so. So then may I ask you to meet with me not as a "spokesperson for anyone", but just for yourself. I am asking because you have had a lot to say about me and my posts on your blog, which is fine. But I am assuming that because you are a Christian that you would prefer to engage me as Jesus instructs. In fact, from my reading of the above scripture, you are required to. I am simply affording you that opportunity with the added bonus that I will listen.

True, as one of your commenters says, I have no intent on apologizing and I see that he/she also questions my sincerity. But again, from my reading of the scripture, Jesus does not ask us to meet with those who want to apologize or even the sincere. He directs us to meet with those whom "sin against" us. And from the responses I see on your blog, it appears I have "sinned against" you. And even if you do not consider my posts as sins against you directly, it is very clear that you believe me to be in error and you are required, as a Christian, to engage me. Of course, so am I, but since I have received no similar invitation from you, I am extending one myself. 

In fact, because you may be uncomfortable meeting me alone, even though it will be in a public place, I invite you, as the next verse in scripture allows (Mt. 18:16) to "take one or two others along with you, so that ‘every fact may be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses.’"

Again, I affirm that I have no intention of apologizing, reconciling, or anything else along that line. My only intention is to allow you to do as Jesus instructs with the added caveats that I will listen, not interrupt, be civil, and buy breakfast, or coffee, or whatever you prefer. 

Also, just to let you know, I have spent many hours in the past engaging the likes of Fr. Walsh, Fr. Ivan, Fr. Jim (the first rector), and several of the first seminarians on our points of difference. You can check with them, I have always been civil in our discussions. I do realize that the perception of me is quite different on this blog, but those men never attacked me with names and derogatory digs like "Timmy" (as I see on your blog) because I disagreed with them. Thus, I responded a little more viciously myself. But you and I, let's get beyond that for the moment. I look forward to hearing from you before Thursday, 11pm. 



P.S. As you can see, I did not allow any comments on the original invitation so as not to corrupt it. Also, I am under heavy criticism for "giving in", which of course I am not. But since I have walked across the no-man's land with the flag of truce, not surrender, I am now being shot at from behind and (as per the comments on your blog) from your side as well. However, I will stand here until Thursday, 11pm. 

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