Sunday, March 30, 2014


Just one of the things you will learn to do in the Neocatechumenal Way. Read more at THE WAY OF DESPAIR:

This website is here to help people who want to be free from the pain and sadness the Neocatechumenal Way brings, without making them give up any of the good things they may have found in their time "walking."   It is also here to expose the lies told about and by the Way.  


  1. This site scared me to death. I am sorry Neo Community, some of you are my friends but this is too bizarre to come from God of Love. Religion is not about breaking your spirit. ArchBishop Tony I continue to pray for your vow of obedience to the Catholic Church and to the Faithful on this island whom you have been entrusted to shepherd!

  2. Lately each Sunday as I attend mass here on Guam I treasure the solemn worshipful atmosphere, liturgy and respectful and restrained responses of the people. I treasure each each beautiful, formal and liturgically accurate Sacrifice of the Mass because I don't know how much longer a real mass will take place. I fear one day I will come to the church and the real mass won't take place any longer. Instead we will have a table, a presbyter, regular bread, no tabernacle, group confessions, illicit communions, Kiko "art" and Kiko knickknacks everywhere and collections taken up in garbage bags-among other horrors. Lord Jesus, please save us from this nightmare!