Monday, April 14, 2014


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The four people who died yesterday in the crash on Route 15 included the parents and two other relatives of the wife of our good friend and fellow Catholic, Patrick Artatis. Please keep this family in your deepest prayers. Thank you.


  1. Most sad news. My heart goes out to the Artatis family as well as to all those who passed away this past weekend. May their souls and the souls of faithful departed, rest in peace. AMEN

  2. My profound regards to the Artatis family, my heartfelt thoughts and prayers in this time of sadness. May God allow you to find peace and love in this tragedy.
    Deepest sympathy

  3. You may have been closed for Holy Week, but this pertains to Holy Week. I did not see Father Michael for services on Good Friday or the the Easter vigil at the Cathedral. Does this man have special previledges that he cannot serve at the parish that he is assigned too?

    1. I understand that the Archbishop sent Fr. Michael to Agat to cover for Fr. Alberto, who - I am told - took a trip home to the Canary Islands. For a pastor to leave his congregation during the highest Holy Days of the year, there must have been some extremely grave reason. A death in the family perhaps? I don't know...yet.

    2. This is crazy, at one moment people are complaining about fr. Michael, now we are worried why he wasnt at the Triduum celebrations. Make up your minds!
      And here you have it folks, Tim exclaims that the all he wants to know is where does the NCW get their permission for the manner in which communion is received but since he cant get the answer from any of us, he'll just try to occupy himself by allowing comments that have serve no purpose but to create more conflict. Then again he can do this because this is his blog. Its a little wishy washy in my view.
      On a side note, I hear that the Pope has sent a letter to the NCW initiators to continue in their efforts. A letter that is a result of the persecution that the NCW received after the Feb 1 audience with Pope Francis in which many anti-NCW critics and blogs such as this one misinterpreted. The Pope sent his regards to Kiko Arguello and assured Kiko that the way in which the media chose to interpret it negatively was not his intention and the Pope also expressed his desire that the NCW continue on with their Eucharist in the small communities and with their Easter Vigils. Joy!

    3. And WHY can't we "get an answer" from you? And as per your "side note", you "hear"? You "hear" that the pope sent a letter to Kiko? A letter that is the result of the "persecutions"?? And you wonder why this blog is so popular??

    4. Yes Tim, there was a a letter recently sent to Kiko. And yes, the Pop assures his full support for the NCW.

    5. Thank you. We await a copy. It is interesting though how Kiko is selective with the letters he receives from Rome.

    6. Please stop abusing the word "persecution." Your'e not fooling anyone.

    7. Anon@10:35 pm and David G., I guess this bold started out with the manner on which communion is received but eventually other things began to unfold such as the who actually owns the RSM seminary building, why the Archbishop favors the NCW, the wanting of control, and many other things.

      Most importantly why the secrecy of the 13 volumes for the catechists? The regular Catholic catechism is available for purchase, why isn't the 13 volumes available for other Catholics to see? What is it that the NCW does not want other to see in their 13 volumes?

      Why is it that the community family is more important than your own? Why do you only greet members of the NCW with the kiss of peace in public and it is not extended to those not walking in the WAY? Why are rules be ded for those in the Way and not for others? To many whys and yet no answers.

      I recently viewed a video with Father Pius saying I feel these children are my grandchildren because I was their parents' catechist. So I guess you'll be calling him Father Abraham soon!


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