Tuesday, April 8, 2014


In response to an infantile attack (here and here) on Chuck White for his post on David Atienza's view of Chamorro prayers for the dead, Maria writes the following:

6:47am-- Yet, again, a neo sputtering accusations without factual basis for his accusation. But then, we're all used to your lack of substance-evading-the-issue-no-factual-or-documentation-ways in "the way". 

Chuck was sharing a FACT about what this PROFESSOR, HIMSELF, VERBALLY SAID AND TALKED about at that roundtable of the Chamorro’s rosary novenas for the deceased. The professor is the one with the “delusional interpretation” about our practice of saying the rosary for the dead, not Chuck. I know. My factual basis? I was there! I heard this for myself. 

I and two other Chamorro women with me were not only beside ourselves over what we heard, but were offended by this false claim; and as if that was not offensive enough, we were disappointed -- no, we were appalled -- that Archbishop Apuron and Msgr. Quitogua (Jr), present and at the same table as this professor, both said not a thing to defend the very Catholic practice of reciting the rosaries for the dead nor defending the culture of their people!!

You also claim, “I side with a guy who has a PHD” – are you all minions? or simply boot-licking? Really? You side with this person just because a person has initials after their name? And without your taking the effort, yourself, to ascertain whether a claim is based on facts or not, or whether the claim had any validity, or the individual had any credibility, you’re willing to side with and accept the opinion of someone who: 

1) is not from Guam and had not lived on Guam long enough -- nor obviously knew, personally, enough (to warrant such claim) devoted Catholic Faithful Chamorros to whom the rosary for the dead is simply a devotion and a Catholic tradition and valid practice of praying for the deceased. 

2) an outsider individual whose only and primary interest is to push an Anti-Catholic-neo-opinion-and-neo-philosophy-anti-rosary-praying agenda under the guise of academic interest!

Why do you suppose this neo professor resorted to such subtle (very underhanded and very deceitful) manner of attacking the praying of the rosary? Well, it certainly is a clever and roundabout, deceitful and unsuspecting way to attack the Blessed Mother, isn’t it! God help your souls when you pass away; but I will pray a novena of rosaries for you. Esta!

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