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Pale' Mike Crisostomo May 28, 2014 at 10:18 AM

I support my brother priest, Fr Paul. I stand with him. As a Diocesan priest in the Archdiocese of Agana, I am concerned about the treatment of our Filipino priests, the division in parishes where the NeoCatechumenal Way is present, and especially concerned about our Archbishop who continues to display his liking to the RMS priests over his Diocesan priests. I promise respect and obedience to HIM and HIS successors. I renewed that promise last Chrism Mass. As a priest-son of the
Archbishop, I implore him to put an end to all this. I assisted Him by arranging a meeting at the Carmel Monastery with Fr Paul, hoping this would end. However, Fr Paul and the Archbishop both had other expectations. Now, the issue of process and Fr Paul is in the hands of ROME. However, there are other issues need to be addressed----policies of hiring and firing---police and court clearance and sex-offender registry requirements---Creating Safe Environment.---Not to mention, Clergy Personnel Policies, retirement and etc....As president of the Association of the Diocesan Clergy of the Archdiocese of Agana, I implore all of us to pray for our Archbishop and our local Church---that we seek reconciliation and God's Mercy, soon. -----Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us!

My note: No one priest has worked longer and harder to prevent division in this archdiocese than Fr. Mike. The fact that he has come to this point is a trumpet blast that Rome will hear. 


  1. Si Yu'us Ma'ase Pale' Mike! It is about time that we hear from fellow priests. I pray each day that things will get better and that we unite as one CATHOLIC family. I LOVE MY FAITH and I know that GOD will bring us all back together again. It is different now as I step into the other churches and I want to get that heaviness off my chest and give back to GOD. THANK YOU PALE' MIKE!

  2. Not only does Pale' Mike know how to minister and reach out to people, but his work in the community outside the church says something of the man.

    It's amazing to see people from various villages come and faithfully attend Sunday services at the IHOM Church.

  3. We need more priests like Father Mike, not only to evangelize and spread the Good News, which is his primary mission, but to foster unity and reconciliation in the process. I think the archbishop(Apuron) is stuck so deep in his own "mud" that he is unsalvageable. Rome's intervention is now needed to restore order, unity, and reconciliation, and Father's Mike courageous stance(he is also the president of the association of the diocesan clergy) may be the spark that will ignite that intervention. We pray that the Nuncio and the Vatican are listening. If not, we pray for Father Mike, who will now surely face the hellish wrath(as Fr. Paul) of Archbishop Apuron, Monsignor David(Vicar General), and Father Adrian(Chancellor), the Dark Trinitarians of the Chancery. Blessed Mother, please pray for us.

  4. Janet B,Tim Rohr, Mary Lou and Chuck White - My question is who are you to question the Archbishop? I've witness with my own eyes a Filipino contract priest drunkard every evening,drinking behind the Parish building. In the dark, DRUNK!. If the priest is unfaithful, why keep him?
    If Padre Pio was alive and live here today, he would slap you across and tell you to go home.
    Padre Pio was heavily criticize for his STIGMATA, despite he was insulted and persecuted for 50 yrs, he continue to LOVE the Church. Unlike all of you, you HATE the Vicar of Christ. SHAME ON YOU! All saints were all label of heresies. Read all of their biography. If the way for 50 years still around, then it would of died since day one when it started. FIVE POPES have witness it and one is a SAINT who all approve it. YOUR HEART is plague of HATE. You condemn now, then may GOD have mercy on you on the next life cus you will be condemn!!!!!!!!! The mission of the Church today bt Pope Francis is to go out and announce the LOVE of God. Lastly - Padre Pio's quote; intellectual and logical ideas are ways of the devil to confuse Man.

    1. Obviously you've taken that warning about the "intellectual" to heart.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoMay 29, 2014 at 2:32 PM

      Thank you Anon May 29, @9:11AM - you certainly are filled with anger. And since english is obviously your second language I will assume you are either an angry priest or seminarian. But since your anger seems so intense, it is a good bet that you have recently been maligned for certain statements made which were critical of you. I think I have a pretty good idea of who you are.

      I love your comment about the Filipino contract priest. IF your story is true then you certainly had a responsibility to help him out, especially since you saw this repeatedly. In Mt 25 didn't Jesus send to the eternal fire the "goats" who neglected to help those who were in need? "What you failed to do to the least of my brothers you failed to do to me."

      By the way, most of us from here would just refer to him as Pale or Father, but if you insist on making a distinction you could refer to him as a Filipino "guest" priest. You would not want me to refer to you as a Columbian contract deacon, would you Deacon Harold?

      Sad to say, Deacon Harold, you just showed your colors again. You look at a person and label them for what they look like and where they come from. Your disdain for Guam is showing. We Chamorros look at a person and judge them by their hearts and by their action. That is why Guam is one of the most hospitable places on God's green earth...we are welcoming to all who come in good faith.

      Therein lies the big divide, we welcome and we love and we accept. But you, and others like you, judge on artificial and superficial scales. If we do not join your "Way" then there is something wrong with us. Guam was very accepting of the Way, just like we were to El Shaddai, the Cursillo, Couples for Christ, Basic Ecclesial Communities, etc.

      But we now see the kikos for who they really are. They come on a conquest. They were assured by Fr Pius that there would be no resistance. And if there is resistance, they have a top general in their pocket, Archbishop Apuron, who will put down any uprising. That is why in my meaner days I refered to our dear Archbishop as Benedict Apuron, who acts like Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War, betraying his own people.

      But now, Deacon Harold, you see that we are not going to lay still and let you roll over us. You could accept our culture and our traditions, and learn to live with those. But true conquistadors accede to anything, they capture and mold.

      Deacon Harold, and all other kikos out there in the blog-o-sphere, listen to these words carefully...we will not go quiet into that good night. We will resist to the very core of our being to trade in our authentic Catholic beliefs for you kiko teachings.

      If you do not want to listen to me, then listen to the Pope of the Church you once belonged to. After that dreadful ranting Pope Francis got on Feb 1 from a crazed kiko, he very pastorally reminded the "Way" to inculturate and accept local traditions within the areas you go. He also said that parish unity is more important than specific and particular Neo practices.

      So, Deacon Harold, soon you will be a contract priest here on Guam, facing all the struggles that all priests must face. If you fall, I certainly hope whoever sees you stumble will treat you more Christ-like than you treated that priest you described struggling with life.

      So much more to say, but that should do for now. Shouldn't you get back to class so you can graduate Summa Cum Laude like all the other good seminarians? I don't want the jungle to be used as the reason you are the first seminarian to graduate from that fine, august institute without honors. So be a good boy and run along.

      God help him, and God help you.

    3. Did you just call one of our Filipino priest a "Filipino contract priest"? So, do we now call all the foreign-seminarians from the RMS "Columbia contract priest" or "Italian contract priest" or "Polish contract priest", etc.? You are obviously a foreigner who does not know any better or a bigot who puts down our Filipino brothers? Remember! Most people in Guam have Filipino/Chamorro blood in them. Be very careful how you characterize us.

    4. As a priest of the diocese of Monterey CA support for fr. Miike.

    5. Mad as Hell in Malojloj!May 30, 2014 at 3:30 PM

      To Anonymous May 29, 2014 at 9:11 AM - you are a bigot and have no business being a priest or deacon. I hope you reconsider your calling since it is certainly misguided. You see a fellow priest in need and you totally ignore it. Shame on you. Go back to Columbia and find a job that you can handle!

  5. Ai Adai Anon 9:11 mistake fighting for the Truth as hate. As for that drunkark Filipino priest, did you do anything to help him? You were there, personally, and did nothing, or perhaps I am wrong. Did you?

    As for Padre Pio, read carefully what he did. He, in his own way, fought for his Church because of a jealous and spiteful bishop. Hmm....sounds familiar huh?

    St. Paul exhorts us to TEST EVERYTHING. Have you? If you have not, please do.

  6. Thank you, Fr. Mike, for your public support of Fr. Paul here on JungleWatch and for identifying issues that need to be addressed in the Archdiocese. It is an incredibly courageous move on your part, knowing full well that you could be threatened with an “arduous and painful closure” to your ministry like Fr. Paul. I hope and pray that your brother priests who posted in “The Illegitimate Removal of Fr. Paul Gofigan Part IX” (Anonymous [May 18, 2014 at 11:29 PM/May 19, 2014 at 9:24 AM] and Anonymous [May 19, 2014 at 12:48 AM]) will follow your lead and share the important concerns that they have been keeping to themselves for years out of fear of facing the same consequences as Fr. Paul.

    Anonymous 05/19 @ 12:48 AM stated: “We know in our hearts what is happening and yet like so many we share in the sin of omission, of failing to do anything when there is a need to act. Tim Rohr cannot act alone and we have to find a way to prudently and with great respect and dignity to work to resolve the challenges our home faces today. We are sons of Guam, we were born here, and most of us will die here. We have a duty to protect our home.”
    He is correct: Tim Rohr cannot act alone; support from Guam’s clergy could very well be the catalyst for the change that is desperately needed in our Archdiocese.

    I don’t know if it is time for the “People Power” that was proposed several months ago on this blog, a Non-NCW Uprising to save our Church before it becomes more ensnared in the Web of Deceit. Knowing that you, Fr. Mike, had the courage to support your brother priest gives me, a member of the Church Militant laity, hope that the Non-NCW clergy and laity can work together to heal the division that you worked so hard and long to prevent. It will be a difficult process but if we work together, I believe it can be done! God bless you, Fr. Mike.

    Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests, especially for our beleaguered Non-NCW Priests!

  7. Since when are we supposed to test something that's endorsed by the pope? Or u think u know better than the pope?

    1. The issue is not whether I know better than the pope. That is irrelevant. But St. Paul said to test everything, and he was the first to do so when he publicly rebuked St. Peter, our first pope, for succumbing to the practice of the Jews to require all gentiles to be circumcised. St. Catherine went to Avignon and told the Pope to get off his "dugan" and move the papacy back to Rome. These are two illustrious instances of why we should not be complacent and just "accept" things without questioning them.

  8. AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 9:37 AM to answer you kindly, is not my place to make that decision to help the Priest. He was help to return to his archdiocese in his country. St.Paul exhorts us to test everything? What he meant; do what you can to announce the Gospel . The truth??? Many of the post here are motivated of hate and slander comments. Guam people are kind,respectful and loving people. Not to initiate to destroy each other. Regards to Saint Padre Pio, he DID NOT FIGHT. He obey, the Vatican suspend his mass and removed his rector and replaced it with the Vatican appointee. Again ROME or our Church is not the U.S. Government. The mission of the Church is to spread the GOSPEL. GOD gave you and me a free will. But LOVE thru God must exist on all of us, but the message here is not LOVE but hate to fix the injustice. Jesus Christ gone to injustice and he submit to the CROSS.
    Caritas Christi Urget Nos!

    1. Why must you continue to manipulate and rationalize everything to fit your needs? It is profane the way you continue to justify the unjustifiable using sacred Saint stories and biblical passages out of context. It is revealing that you will go to any lengths to protect your misdirected movement.
      We, the invulnerable and knowledged, are immune to your tactics and head games. We are able to see through the façade of your words because we are grounded in our faith. We have a foundation of Truth that we can always look to whenever you or your fellow kikos attempt to manipulate our faith to fit your illicit practices. We stand on a foundation and stand with an authority that has remained in place by the grace of God for over two thousand years. Other heresies have lasted longer than the neo movement but in time, have been weeded out, having been revealed for the false teachings that they promote.
      This is not a mere disagreement with you kikos. This is us fighting as the Church Militant. This is us protecting a diocese that has been abandoned by its shepherd. This is us saying enough is enough. If you want to remain separate, by all means, continue what you do. But don't do it under the guise of Catholicism. You work so hard at remaining outside of the tabernacle, outside of the churches, outside of the parish. So be it. Just leave us and our loved ones alone.

    2. At anon 12:05
      You say, "Guam people are kind, respectful and loving people.", and that is true. But some of you foreigners disrespect us and think of us as a lesser people; as if we never knew Jesus. Then to make matters worse, it seems to many of us that our Archbishop has been recruited by those who wish to cheat and steal from us, and destroy us from within. I say "us" because we are the Church. There is no Church without the people.The people of Guam have roots in the Catholic Church that are deeper and longer than the roots of the NCW, and much, much deeper than the recent converts who come here and think of us as pagans. You disrespect us and our faith, steal from us, try to take over our physical assets, and worst of all, you disrespect our Pope and our Lord and Savior. Then you call us hateful when we point out these offenses. Shame on you, but then again you are shameless. And to my Guamanian brothers and sisters who choose to side with the NCW and Kiko, I pray that God will open your eyes.

      Bottom Line: Yes, we are a kind, respectful and loving people, but WE WILL CHEW YOU UP AND SPIT YOU OUR IF YOU CONTINUE IN YOUR DISRESPECTFUL WAYS.
      Nuff said.

    3. I think "we"is the right word. Is you. Many words, but what did they steal eh? Please point it out. Many words said but no contents. Passing judgement mainly that fumes your heart.

    4. The Kikos steal from the Church (THE PEOPLE) Through coercion and manipulation. Open your eyes, or maybe you are part of the guilty party. Guilty through association.

      Anyways, you know they tried to steal the RMS with Archbishop's help, but failed. Unless they found another way to do it under our noses.

  9. Dear Friend at 10.53AM, Padre Pio was a great example to us all, that is certain. Do you think that Padre Pio would approve of the NCW practices, particularly those pertaining to the reception of communion; a disdain for Eucharistic adoration etc?
    Remember, Padre Pio was said to have described the NCW as the "new false prophets".

  10. AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 11:17 AM Padre Pio's statement is because the Way was new at the time (mid 60's) and no knowledge of it's motive within the Church. Padre Pio is also a straight shooter and also human. The Church is very sensitive and reluctant with new phenomenal that occurs in the Church. To simply say that; five Popes endorse it and this simply answer my doubts and question that it was carry on with the Holy Spirit. Mother Teresa, Opus Dei, St.Philip Neri and so on were all criticize with their initiative but the Church (Vatican) approves it.

    Another sample the Cursillios, till this day, no one knows who initiates their statutes? Where is it? Is it publicly available to be read? If so, where? In Vatican I hope. Our Church has pure and rich historical archives, even American President continue to seek counsel from our Church, one profound letter from Abraham Lincoln (Popular U.S. President).

    The NCW Eucharistic celebration is vibrant and beautiful along with our regular mass. So why beat it? When all of us are baptize and anointed with chrism oil.


    1. Perhaps you might tell me why the NCW have a Eucharist, and Catholics have a Mass? Why is the name of the celebration different? Why do you not call it a Mass?

      That would be very helpful, thankyou.

      Love and Kisses

    2. Why do you even bother asking these questions? You know that it is stated I. Their statutes. Kiko say use presbyter. So presbyter it is. Kiko says celebration because they probably feel that by Christ offering himself to us is a feast. It's all about KIKO'S directives. Amen! Joy!

    3. Anon at 1:09 p.m. What difference does it make when it all means the same thing. The Eastern Catholic call the mass Divine Liturgy.' That's what I leaned in Diane's blog.

    4. well he got the popes convinced lol

    5. Anon 1:36PM Wait, is there a Kiko Bible "according to Diana"? Then, that can't be authentic Catholicism!

  11. To AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 1:09 PM
    My take is, we are all celebrating the same sacrament called Eucharist. The proper reality of the eucharistic mystery in its fullness. Mass in Latin means dismissal, reason called celebration simply because we are celebrating the risen Christ.
    The Regular Sunday Mass is a celebration I believe. Please bear in mind this is my take as Christian Catholic.

    Caritas Christi Urget nos.

    1. You mean as a NCW?

      Perhaps you might like to read this as an introduction :

      There is a distinction to be made between the Sacrament of the Eucharist and the Sacrifice of the Mass:

      "The simple fact that numerous heretics, such as Wyclif and Luther, repudiated the Mass as "idolatry", while *retaining the Sacrament of the true Body and Blood of Christ*, proves that the Sacrament of the Eucharist is something essentially different from the Sacrifice of the Mass. In truth, the Eucharist performs at once two functions: that of a sacrament and that of a sacrifice. Though the inseparableness of the two is most clearly seen in the fact that the consecrating sacrificial powers of the priest coincide, and consequently that the sacrament is produced only in and through the Mass, the real difference between them is shown in that the sacrament is intended privately for the sanctification of the soul, whereas the sacrifice serves primarily to glorify God by adoration, thanksgiving, prayer, and expiation. The recipient of the one is God, who receives the sacrifice of His only-begotten Son; of the other, man, who receives the sacrament for his own good. Furthermore, the unbloody Sacrifice of the Eucharistic Christ is in its nature a transient action, while the Sacrament of the Altar continues as something permanent after the sacrifice, and can even be preserved in monstrance and ciborium. Finally, this difference also deserves mention: communion under one form only is the reception of the whole sacrament, whereas, without the use of the two forms of bread and wine (the symbolic separation of the Body and Blood), the mystical slaying of the victim, and therefore the Sacrifice of the Mass, does not take place. "

      I sincerely hope you read this article carefully and completely - In fact, I might go so far as to say that the Love of Christ urges you to. It may give you a sense of why non-lapsed Catholics have a deep mistrust of the NCW, particularly with respect to its theology and liturgical practices.

    2. May 29 2:01PM--This is why I, and many more Faithful Catholics of this Diocese, would rather stick to and follow the ways of authentic Catholicism:

      1)the authenticity of this Catholic Faith we follow and practice and the authentic Catholic Church we belong to has and adheres to Cannon laws, Rubrics and the GIRM in carrying out Catholic Liturgical celebrations and practices;

      2) one of the most important source for interpretations and teachings about our Faith which our authentic Catholic Church relies on (and is widely accessible to all members at any level of their personal spiritual journey in our Church) is "THE Catechism of the Catholic Church" as opposed to Kiko's personally-invented, personally-interpreted and quite illusive catechism.

      3) in the authentic Catholic Church, we simply and humbly recognize and accept the authority of the Magisterium in matters of Faith and Morals. The LEGITIMATE AND AUTHENTIC TEACHINGS about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass does not have to be researched or studied again, because its been already explained -- generations and eons ago! Did the authentic Church's explanation not meet kiko's liking perhaps, thus kiko’s own invented interpretation and explanation?

      … but do you know what the best thing is about following authentic Catholicism, rather than follow all the Toms, Kikos and Carmens that come around? We don’t have to confusingly sort thru "all the existing “PERSONAL TAKES" for authentic Catholic Faith Teachings on anything!

  12. I guess the cat has Diana's tongue because she couldn't answer my question. She probably need some guidance from her catechist before making a move.

    AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 2:08 PM
    So Diana, Pale' Mike points out the fact that there is favoritism toward the RMS from the Archbishop and sees how the Filipino Priests are treated. What say you?

    Here is a priest who is very dynamic in preaching; who is strong within the community; who gives all he has to his parish in every which way that he can and he too sees that there is a problem.

    Pale' Mike is not afraid to voice what he believes is right in his heart. People of the community will rally behind him. He has touched the lives of many people. When someone touches your life one never forgets.

  13. GOOD FOR YOU, PALE' MIKE!! you rock, along with father paul!

  14. And here is the reply of anonymous and Diana on Pale' Mike which you did not post.

    AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 3:14 PM
    AnonymousMay 29, 2014 at 2:08 PM why is that you think he is favoring? Because many clergies and parishioners refuse to speak to him. How do you know this? Were you rejected in any point or just passing judgement. Your ideal Archbishop is sweet and loving and kind to hug you and shower you with kisses??? That is absurd. Regards to filipino Priest, this statement has nothing to do with raise and not motivated with prejudice. These are facts; not stories. A decade ago a contracted Filipino priest was caught drinking in the back of the building in the dark. Not once but more that handful occasion. So that priest contract was terminated and ask to return back to his Archdiocese back to his country. I disagree that Filipino priest are unfairly treated, many of the Filipino clergies are also employed such as Catholic Services and Archdiocese of Agana. Many of the Filipino priest here are ending up staying in Guam and petition their family as permanent resident. If Fr Mike states is true then what he claims are not true that the Archbishop favor just solely the RMS Priest. He return the clergies who are unfaithful of the Church. He kept the Filipino Priest who even gain economically and not spiritually.

    DianaMay 29, 2014 at 3:19 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 2:08 p.m.,

    I do not know the Archbishop personally, so I do not know if he actually shows favoritism toward the RMS priests or not. I also have not heard the Archbishop's side of the story. However, I did read the 2011 survey that Tim Rohr published in his blogsite. According to that survey, many of the diocesan priests feel that the Archbishop pays much more attention to the NCW and does not pay much attention to them.

    Unfortunately, the survey does not reveal what kind of attention these priests want from the Archbishop. However, one person did respond on the survey that the Archbishop does not eat lunch with them as often as he used to. Is that the kind of attention they desire from him......for him to have lunch with them?

    Personally, I would not want to have lunch with my boss. I don't think I would even want his attention. I simply do my job as an employee. If my boss feels that I am doing a great job and feels I deserve a promotion, I will take the promotion. But I would not want to have lunch with him nor "brown-nose" him for his attention. Why? Because people might think that I "brown-nosed" him for attention just to get a promotion.

    The second problem that the survey listed down was that the Archbishop has a natural shyness that many priests feel that he should overcome. A person who is naturally shy has a difficult time approaching people and initiating conversation. In other words, if you want the attention of a shy person, you are the one who have to approach him and initiate the conversation.

    Do you think that Father Mike commented on Junglewatch blogsite for the intention of rallying people behind him against the Archbishop??


    1. Pretty amazing reply from Diana. She thinks the bishop is a "boss". Ummm, Diana HE'S A FATHER...OR AT LEAST HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE.

      And the Archbishop is not naturally shy. That's his excuse. The Archbishop's problem is (as so many elderly people who know him have said): HE THINKS HE'S FLORES.

    2. Unfortunately we are not talking about the clergy survey here! We are simply saying that Pale' Mike sees a problem and implores the Archbishop to fix it.

      As for having him want people to rally behind him against the Archbishop to totally having WORDS TWISTED as she commonly implies. In any event, no matter what there will those of us who would stand for him and behind him!

    3. To Anon above from Diana's post:
      As a priest who was asked to be here I am totally offended by the term contract priest. The Archdiocese of Agana needed priests, they went to my bishop, and he agreed to send priests per Archbishop Anthony's plea. I love Guam and would like to stay. But if God wills it, and I am no longer needed here, then I will go back to my diocese and serve the people of God there.
      However, while here I do expect to be treated with the same dignity as every other priest. I was at the clergy convocation in 2010 and please understand from the results of the pre-convocation survey there are obviously problems with unity. One priest gave the example of lunch with the Archbishop. I agree with him, but look at it from a different perspective than yours.
      I am away from my parents and my siblings. I am away from my childhood friends. Mind you, I am not complaining, this was my choice. But the one thing that a priest has to look forward to is the brotherhood with fellow priests and a strong relationship with our bishop.
      If you do not want to have lunch with your boss, maybe you should look for another job. But if your father or mother continually ignored you, if they rarely invited you over just to say they love you and care for you, and they think about you often, wouldn't that hurt you? Especially if they showered attention upon other "favored" sons. I hope this helps to put into context how some of the priests feel.
      The convocation was greatly anticipated by some as a means to openly and frankly discuss the issues that are causing serious problems among brother priests. I entered with great hope. Shortly afterward, after a brief attempt by the Archbishop, which frankly felt a bit artificial, we fell back into the same pattern.
      The article published by Tim on the unity issue is very telling, and I venture to say that if the exact same questions were posed today, the results would reflect an even bigger split among priests.
      Some of this may be the Neo's fault, and some of it may be the "non-Neo's" fault. But the reality is it doesn't make any difference at this point whose fault it is.
      What is truly important is that both sides recognize that there is a problem and that we sit down like intelligent, mature adults and hash out our differences, reach an understanding and then move forward to reunite the clergy. Just like the Neo priests, I too could be told any day that I am being assigned away from Guam. In their case on mission, in my case back to my home diocese. But, while we are here, we should do everything possible for ALL people possible, because that is what Christ is calling us to do.
      I am nearly to the point of tears at this very moment thinking about this situation. I wish I had the courage to tell more, and reveal my name. Unfortunately, I fear the retribution that may follow. I look forward to the day when I can be confident that my pastoral father loves me deeply and truly.
      Lord, how I long to feel the warmth of his fatherly embrace.

    4. Fr. Mike posted here for the same reason everyone else is posting here. There is nowhere else to go. Fr. Mike spent a year trying to work with the Archbishop. In fact, he has spent many years. The fact that he has ultimately come here to speak tells you where the Archbishop's mind and heart are.

    5. At this year's 9:30 Palm Sunday Mass at the Cathedral, the Archbishop had members of the neo lead the procession with large palm fronds, just like the one he held. Everyone else had the simpler, humbler, single leaf.

      After his homily, instead of beginning the Credo, he invited those same neos to recite the Profession of Faith according to their kiko melody. All those (the majority) present who didn't know the 'special' musical arrangement were left silent--silent during the one time a week we profess our faith as a community, during the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

      I recognized some in the neo group (they all sat together) as parishioners, but most were new faces at 9:30 Mass.

      If you don't believe me, watch the video online. People who never attend that mass were given an exalted position, simply because they are neo, and I haven't seen them back since.

      They were given a privileged place in the procession, and then were the only ones 'allowed' to profess the faith. If that's not favoritism, then I don't know what is.

    6. @ 7:57, I agree... I was confused when I first watched that video, then I felt hurt the 2nd time, but then I just got angry every time after. Thanks Archbishop for fostering these feelings I have.

  15. Wow. The intellectual leadership of the NCW is out in force today!

    1. Yes, I think the youtube vid shook the tree, so to speak

    2. many nuts on the ground

  16. I was actually searching for something else when I came across “The Church Mouse” blog (, that featured “The Problem with Takamatsu Diocese,” written by Bishop Osamu Mizobe SDB, Takamatsu in February 2012.

    The Bishop had wanted to “write a few words for the sake of the future.” His diocese had felt the effects of the presence of the NCW; the opening words of his final paragraph should be a clarion call to the “Regular” Catholics here in Guam: “It is so easy for a diocese to crumble if its people do not unite and give serious attention to solidarity.” We would do well to heed his warning.


    It has been half a year since I stepped down from my post as diocesan bishop of Takamatsu diocese. Now, as I look back on the circumstances I encountered in that role, I have decided it best to write a few words for the sake of the future.

    First off, it is fair to say that there was something decidedly unusual in my reassignment to Takamatsu diocese, which came despite my being active bishop of Sendai at the time. That would never happen unless there was a problem. In fact, even before my arrival there, certain events, such as the late Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan’s inspection of the diocese as Papal Envoy, made it clear that something abnormal was afoot.

    What can be said in all fairness and agreement by both sides is this: that the problem that arose in Takamatsu had its roots in the diocese’s excessive indifference to, or ignorance of, the policies of the National Incentive Convention for Evangelization (NICE), which set a course for the Church in Japan in accordance with the decisions made at the Second Vatican Council.

    More specifically, the problem lay in the excessive emphasis of diocesan autonomy to the exclusion of any concept of a Church open to society, a Church to be built in cooperation with society. Even at the parish level, there was not a very strong sense of teamwork in evangelization or pastoral care.

    Furthermore, the religious orders lacked any attentiveness to the task of working with the diocesan bishop to establish a common direction for the diocese.

    The bishop of the diocese, my predecessor, who had neither manpower nor economic resources, tried anything and everything he could think of, like a drowning man grasping at straws. Every attempt ended in frustration, and his solution to the diocese’s problems ended up being simply to bring in any group that promised him it could help.

    The stark reality is that Takamatsu diocese did not gain even one new priest for 40 years. Every seminarian there dropped out before graduation. With congregations getting older and the number of baptisms dwindling, there wasn’t much good news.

    One organization endorsed by Rome was called the Neocatechumenal Way, which began active involvement in Japan 30 years ago. It was a group bursting with energy, and at first most parishes in Takamatsu welcomed its members enthusiastically.

    (to be continued)

  17. (continuation)

    However, as this group’s people came into the local churches, some of the laity began to feel uncomfortable, especially in matters of liturgy. Even some priests working in the diocese reacted with something like opposition.

    What was troubling was that priests affiliated with the Way almost without exception made changes to the altars and chapels of the churches they took charge of, to the shock of parishioners who wanted to preserve the traditions of the Church.

    Nevertheless, the Way worked hard to recruit new members to serve as the nucleus of its activities, so naturally the number of those who agreed with the group’s policies increased as well.

    The confrontation began with small differences of opinion at the parish level. However, the situation exploded into widespread disorder when the Way founded a seminary it positioned as the “Takamatsu Diocese Seminary.”

    Initial objections that the new seminary had been founded without fulfilling certain legal prerequisites escalated into a barrage of voices denouncing the bishop for authorizing its establishment. Then, the bishop made public a list of names of those dissenting in this way, which those named responded to by bringing a legal action against him in civil court.

    When I took up my new role in Takamatsu diocese, the motto “Rebirth and Harmony” was foremost in my mind, and I hoped that some sort of dialogue might be rekindled in the diocese. Unfortunately, by that time the possibility of dialogue was virtually off the table.

    Consequently, the first step had to be to make the diocese organizationally functional on the basis of Canon Law.

    The biggest obstacle was that of the Takamatsu Diocesan International Redemptoris Mater Seminary. With each passing year, multiple new priests affiliated with the Way emerged from this seminary, and the discord in the diocese grew more severe.

    Fortunately, we had help from the apostolic nuncios and the members of the bishops’ conference, and it was decided that the seminary should be shut down. At the same time, we focused our energy on activating the inner life of the diocese, which was really the more systemic problem, and which arguably lingers to this day.

    Finding new candidates for the priesthood, educating them: these were our top priorities. I rejoice to say that this year the number of seminarians has risen to four. This is most likely the result of the effort we directed toward the upbringing of young people.

    The biggest problems with the Way are (1) that they mistake their homemade rituals for charisms, and (2) that they have a chain of command that is entirely disconnected from the local bishop. Also, (3) they take problems that ought to be solved within the diocese and bring them off to Rome, where they try to get their own way by using the influence of Rome to coerce the local Church to fall in line.

    This results in great harm to the independence of local Churches. Except in matters of departure from Church dogma, local problems should in principle be resolved by local Churches.

    With its new bishop, today’s Takamatsu diocese has begun to walk the path of “Harmony and Rebirth.” They recently held a major diocesan meeting to discuss evangelization and have taken the first step toward rebirth.

    It is so easy for a diocese to crumble if its people do not unite and give serious attention to solidarity. This is the message I wish to send, from a diocese that has learned this truth through agonizing, first-hand experience, to the rest of the Church in Japan.

    1. Wow. This should be read by every Catholic on Guam.

  18. I am pretty familiar with the going-ons within the archdiocese and I do not know of any "Filipino Contract Priest" who was send back a "decade" ago for a drinking problem.

    1. We have records on all the dealings of Archbishop with seminarians and priests so tonight looking into the statement . Whatever the deacon was so wrong to write such a statement even if true. Therefore the rector of this seminary needs to caution if not delay his ordination to the priesthood for at least a further six months.

  19. This clergy survey was it taken at a retreat off island? I remember some time ago there was a local three day retreat or something held by the clergy at the Carmelite Monastery in Malojloj. I thought this was where the clergy was suppose to air out their concerns with a mediator from off island present.

    Guess the airing out did not work out!

  20. The problems becoming clear to us in the archdiocese go back long before the NCW. It would be true to say the NCW have increased division but the reality is serious unresolved issues concerning archbishop Apuron are the issue.

  21. Archbishop Apuron has made no attempt to resolve the serious issues that came to his attention the past twenty five years. The problem is the archbishop has not resolved issues, has not made any effort to resove injustices caused by him and his companions, and now this blog has empowered people to re connect, and say look, we are now in our 50s , we are not twenty year olds now, the world has evolved, and we no longer need to accept what the archbishop did years ago, and got away with because of his position and power. It does not work today.

  22. Be not afraid I go before thee....
    Thank you Father Mike
    Signed Chuck Tanner

  23. Are we awaiting for the wrath of God?

    Matthew 23:1
    Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples:
    Matthew 23:7
    they love to be greeted with respect in the marketplaces and to be called 'Rabbi' by others.
    Mark 12:39
    and have the most important seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at banquets.
    Luke 11:43
    "Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.

  24. What will happen to Fr. Mike now that he has spoken out on this blog?

    1. Rather, the question is: What will happen to the Archbishop when he tries to go after Fr. Mike.

    2. Hell will break loose!

      5.The Archbishop must understand that the vast majority of his sheepfold are humble and obedient “sheep”, notwithstanding some who voice their opinions (and objections) over his actions. If the people in his sheepfold have been in fact generally and belligerently disobedient, the dichotomy we have today would have been perhaps a hundred-fold worse.

      6.The Archbishop should acknowledge that since the NCW (with its theology and liturgy) is the root problem of the controversies we are seeing (the Aaron Quitugua case, the Father Gofigan removal/defamation case, the RMS property assignment issue, the division among the clergy, the Catholic belief that the Mass is a TRUE SACRIFICE, and not just a celebratory memorial, the manner of receiving Holy Communion, the Umatuna debacle over the Cardinal Tagle “invitation”, etc.) -- and since the Archbishop is a member and a strong supporter of the NCW - he should divorce himself from the NCW – not because the NCW is evil per se, but because it is a thorn in his archdiocese. If he were to choose between his role as Shepherd of the Fold and an ardent member of the NCW, he should choose his episcopal mandate and duty to tend to his flock. If the price he has to pay for showing true allegiance to his people (“feed my lamb; feed my sheep”) is by removing this thorn, he must be humble and brave enough to make that move. To hold tenaciously to his undying support of the NCW at the expense of continuing to alienate his non-NCW sheep, is a sham! We are not asking him to condemn the NCW – we are just asking him to separate himself from the “root problem”.
      A HUGE DEMAND?: If I were the Archbishop, I would take the bold move and simply ban the NCW from the Archdiocese. Thousands upon thousands of Catholic dioceses in the world are doing just fine without the NCW; there is nothing un-Catholic in forbidding their existence in Guam – it is simply removing the root problem. If this demand to “cease and desist” cannot be met, then at the very least the Archbishop should distance himself from, and REQUIRE the NCW to adhere to the Faith and Liturgy of the Catholic Church. It must be a DEMAND, not just an admonition! One flock; one Shepherd.

      7.Up to now, we have only referenced the NCW, and purposely so! It is my guess that the vast majority of local NCW members in Guam are very good and devout Catholics, who were “roped/duped into joining the community” with the promise that they would become so much better Catholics (the elite among the group; the cream of the crop)—but now can not extricate themselves because of the arcana they have taken to uphold. Again, it is my guess that if one were to take a survey and ask present local members of the NCW in Guam if they would leave the NCW, without fear of recrimination, and return to their first-found Faith and Liturgy of the Catholic Church, as practiced in their parishes, they would gladly do so!

      8.Lastly, we pray that this meeting does not turn out to be a “battle of wit in human wisdom”, harsh reprimands, and uncharitable behavior. May calm and prudent minds reign over them all. Fair and equal treatment to ALL priests – and all his people - should be the rule!

      In closing, we ask the Archbishop to ardently beseech the Holy Spirit (especially on this the Vigil of the Feast of Pentecost) to give him strength and light. We ask the Holy Spirit to grant all the convocants faith, charity and humility. Our prayers are joined with thousands of others who are pleading before God that our Shepherd’s heart will be softened and made to feel the wounds that exists amongst his priests and his flock. Heal them, dear Archbishop; heal our land, dear Archbishop. As St. Peter pleaded to Our Lord: “Save us, O Lord; we are sinking!”

      If nothing happens out of this plea from Fr Mike – and from many others who have written similarly - it is because the Archbishop does not want it to happen. And may God have mercy on us all then. – Anon.

  25. Pale' Mike CrisostomoJune 3, 2014 at 2:22 PM

    @June 3, 2014-11:47am----Thank you for your concern. But I believe nothing will happen. Certainly nothing has happened---which is my point for posting...Clergy UNITY was an issue in 2010 and still exists addition, the Neocatechumenal Way and its questionable activities remain a divisive item in the local church which has yet to be addressed. I implore our Archbishop, with all respect and obedience, to call us priests & deacons, to gather and address the items for the sake of the faithful. I know he is considering it, but perhaps need encouragement. Please Archbishop, CALL us to unity, CALL us to forgiveness and love, CALL us!

    1. Yes powerful,statement from Fr. mike.

    2. Thank you, Father Mike for your statement. You commented, "I know he is considering it, but perhaps need encouragement. That give some hope.

    3. To Archbishop:

      Please consider the invitation to call all clergy to for table of discussion. You can put aside your trip to Philippines. Because right now, this is more important. For the sake of the all of us, please humble yourself and do nothing but the right thing. The right thing is to come out and take care of mess. You will have alot of people to support you.

    4. A REFLECTION ON FR MIKE’S PLEA TO THE ARCHBISHOP. (Part I). Praise God, indeed, for the kind and brotherly appeal of Fr Mike (of June 3) for the Archbishop to “call us priests and deacons, to gather and address the items for the sake of the Faithful… Please, Archbishop, call us to unity; call us to forgiveness and love. CALL US.”

      So much divisiveness, un-charity, name calling, accusations, and outright un-Christian behavior and words have come out of all this. We have been the laughing stock of our non-Catholic brothers and sisters in the other Christian communities. So much time and energy have been spent on this – and could possibly continue to be so unless some of closure is made. If there is any one person who has the antidote to cure this ill (who has the key within his hand) to bring this matter to its mutually benevolent closure, of his own volition, it is you – Archbishop Anthony Apuron: the Anointed Shepherd of the Sheep, which is the ENTIRE Catholic family – clergy and laity. IT IS TIME FOR HEALING, ARCHBISHOP!

      As recent as May 14, 2104, I read a blog from Anonymous at 7:58 (even before Fr Mike made his initial remark on May 28). It was a similar appeal to the Archbishop. It read:

      “Archbishop: We believe that many of the serious issues concerning Guam can be resolved through prayer, dialogue, and humility. This is a sincere request to you to please begin to resolve the issues now before further upset is caused to the archdiocese. Please a little humility will go a long way in now resolving the issues. To leave things any longer unresolved will lead to bigger issues.”

      There are many others who are crying out for healing and peaceful resolution. I select Anonymous at 2:42AM (May 15) as just another example of many who are seeking for peaceful resolution: “Thank you for reaching out, this is a very powerful request, representing all we were taught in the Church we love and cherish. I join the many in praying that the Archbishop be touched by your humble request. “Lend not a deaf ear, O Lord, upon our humble plea!” Pax Christi, Archbishop.

      I am cautiously optimistic with the statement that Fr Mike made that “the Archbishop is considering this”. Let us help the Archbishop! Let us all pray that he goes into the private chamber of his own conscience (never mind the consultants, who could possibly lead him further astray); let him listen to the whisperings of the Holy Spirit and be guided by what the Holy Spirit inspires him to do, not what he (the Archbishop) feels is best to do. To rely on human wisdom is to revert to one’s old ways again, under the guise of doing what one feels is right! Herein lies my cautious optimism – will the Archbishop listen?

      I have heard it stated that the root of all our ills has been brewing for some time, but that only recently have certain activities been brought to fore, and because of the Archbishop’s unwillingness to accept certain realities, the problem continues to grow almost exponentially. It is best that we (the People of God in Guam) accept our own failures and correct our ways, than to have an external force compel us to correct our ways.

      It is my personal opinion and observation that aside from the decline of morality and the ways of God, over the several decades, by us - His people - God has given us this “thorn on our side”. Though many others before me have enunciated what I am about to say – and much more eloquently - it is my personal opinion and observation that with the arrival and the onslaught of the NCW’s aggressive “evangelization” of us Chamorro Catholics in Guam – a unity gap has been opened and fostered between the Shepherd and his Sheep, has been widening and continues to widen within our archdiocese. Unless this gap is closed, the seed of discord will continue.
      (To be continued with Part II)

  26. Archbishop, take note: Obama uses this silence method. He hopes for or created the next drama so people forget. Catching up to even him as we speak!

    I think we (Guam Catholics) have been doing fine, until the arrival of the NCW which has been and continues to be bent on disrupting our faith and our worship, under the guise that the NCW is the only SURE WAY to become ultimate good Catholics. And because the Archbishop is not just a member but a strong supporter as well of the NCW, it has got to be correct! The Archbishop is in it, so it has got to be the true way. This insistence is what is causing this rift among our people – laity as well as clergy. This, I believe, is why Fr. Mike is calling upon him to “bring us back together”.

    I know that this may sound ultra-pessimistic, but my guess is that unless certain ground rules, admissions, demands, and actions are followed, the convocation of priests and deacons to meet with the Archbishop “to address certain issues” (as requested by Fr Mike, and others) will have been a mere sham! If the convocation ends with the Archbishop walking out of it – high and tall – tenaciously holding on to his “God-given rights” as Archbishop (and because of that he must be right) we will be back to Square One in no time. If he comes out wounded and humbled, but victorious on behalf of his flock, then he would have well emulated his Master: “by His wounds we are healed”.

    I suggest that at the outset of the conference, certain ground rules should be set that would include “humble admissions, reasonable demands, and concrete actions”. Anything short of “dying to oneself, for the sake of peaceful closure” in this controversy will be doomed to failure.

    1.The Archbishop, as well as the “convocants” (my word for those attending the convocation) must approach this convocation with humility and prayer. We read in 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” The convocation must not take on the aura of a meeting called by the Archbishop, so the convocants can be lectured, and put in their places. Any watering down of this condition is doomed to failure.

    2.The Archbishop must truly portray to the “convocants” that he is there in the convocation not to rule but to appear as the “least worthy of God’s servants”. We read in Luke 22:26 - “Let the greatest among you be as the youngest, and the leader as the servant”.

    3.Let the Archbishop appoint (or assign by vote) someone else to monitor the meeting. (Why not an intelligent and neutral lay person?) If the meeting turns out to be “his show”, it will be a sham! Let him not pontificate (talk) as much, as to listen humbly to the cries of his people.

    4.The Archbishop must acknowledge that he has not been treating everybody in his flock equally with fairness and firmness, with charity devoid of ill-will and/or vengeance, showing favoritism to no one while admonishing and even properly disciplining them – as a father would his children. To not acknowledge this is to hold tenaciously to the position that he has been right all along.

    5.The Archbishop must give the convocants that honest and true feeling that what they have to say charitably to him – though it may not be to his liking – is for the consideration of the convocants, and should not be held against the person. So many people are INTIMIDATED BY YOU, Archbishop, whether you realize this or not. They are intimidated not because they fear you, but because they respect you for the position you hold. Chamorros are like that; they do not relish talking back to their elders/superiors, even though they may be right. Some call this “blind obedience”. Archbishop, open the eyes of your sheep, and let them not follow you blindly, but in Faith.
    (To be continued with Part III)

  28. Very well stated.

  29. The archbishop needs to talk with those he damaged .

  30. Tim. May the reflection on fr. Mikes plea be posted as a chapter on your blog.

  31. Archbishop, please reflect on those you have deprived of inner peace for over twenty years .

  32. Each and Every comment posted by Tim Rohr is studied. It seems that certain people have been hurt by the archbishop. These are the concerns that need to be healed. What ever has happened in the past needs to be healed. A meeting of priests with the archbishop needs to take place . To allow this situation to,continue will only lead to further disaster for the archdiocese and most likely disaster for the Archbisjop. This cannot continue Archbishop.