Thursday, May 29, 2014


Janet B - Mangilao has left a new comment on your post "A MAN NOT AFRAID TO PUT HIS NAME TO HIS POSITION": 

Thank you Anon May 29, @9:11AM - you certainly are filled with anger. And since english is obviously your second language I will assume you are either an angry priest or seminarian. But since your anger seems so intense, it is a good bet that you have recently been maligned for certain statements made which were critical of you. I think I have a pretty good idea of who you are.

I love your comment about the Filipino contract priest. IF your story is true then you certainly had a responsibility to help him out, especially since you saw this repeatedly. In Mt 25 didn't Jesus send to the eternal fire the "goats" who neglected to help those who were in need? "What you failed to do to the least of my brothers you failed to do to me."

By the way, most of us from here would just refer to him as Pale or Father, but if you insist on making a distinction you could refer to him as a Filipino "guest" priest. You would not want me to refer to you as a Columbian contract deacon, would you Deacon Harold?

Sad to say, Deacon Harold, you just showed your colors again. You look at a person and label them for what they look like and where they come from. Your disdain for Guam is showing. We Chamorros look at a person and judge them by their hearts and by their action. That is why Guam is one of the most hospitable places on God's green earth...we are welcoming to all who come in good faith.

Therein lies the big divide, we welcome and we love and we accept. But you, and others like you, judge on artificial and superficial scales. If we do not join your "Way" then there is something wrong with us. Guam was very accepting of the Way, just like we were to El Shaddai, the Cursillo, Couples for Christ, Basic Ecclesial Communities, etc.

But we now see the kikos for who they really are. They come on a conquest. They were assured by Fr Pius that there would be no resistance. And if there is resistance, they have a top general in their pocket, Archbishop Apuron, who will put down any uprising. That is why in my meaner days I refered to our dear Archbishop as Benedict Apuron, who acts like Benedict Arnold of the Revolutionary War, betraying his own people.

But now, Deacon Harold, you see that we are not going to lay still and let you roll over us. You could accept our culture and our traditions, and learn to live with those. But true conquistadors accede to anything, they capture and mold.

Deacon Harold, and all other kikos out there in the blog-o-sphere, listen to these words carefully...we will not go quiet into that good night. We will resist to the very core of our being to trade in our authentic Catholic beliefs for you kiko teachings.

If you do not want to listen to me, then listen to the Pope of the Church you once belonged to. After that dreadful ranting Pope Francis got on Feb 1 from a crazed kiko, he very pastorally reminded the "Way" to inculturate and accept local traditions within the areas you go. He also said that parish unity is more important than specific and particular Neo practices.

So, Deacon Harold, soon you will be a contract priest here on Guam, facing all the struggles that all priests must face. If you fall, I certainly hope whoever sees you stumble will treat you more Christ-like than you treated that priest you described struggling with life.

So much more to say, but that should do for now. Shouldn't you get back to class so you can graduate Summa Cum Laude like all the other good seminarians? I don't want the jungle to be used as the reason you are the first seminarian to graduate from that fine, august institute without honors. So be a good boy and run along.

God help him, and God help you. 

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