Thursday, May 22, 2014


I received this question in a comment. So I thought I'd answer. 

I admire what you do on this blog and thank you for sticking your neck out while others like myself choose to stay anonymous on this blog. I was wondering, if the Pope decided that the future of the church was the NCW and all it's practices, would you follow?
That depends what you mean by the "NCW and all its practices". The pope would be prevented by the Holy Spirit from teaching or promulgating anything that conflicts with the deposit of the faith as regards faith and morals. He could certainly change some aspects of the liturgy and Pope Benedict was already in agreement that the Sign of Peace should be moved to after the Prayer of the Faithful. But then there has already been a demand to change it or even get rid of it ever since it was implemented with the Novus Ordo in 1970.

Aside from the movement of the Sign of Peace, there are two other aspects of the NCW celebration of the Eucharist that are permitted exceptions to the Liturgical Books. One of those is the exception to receive Holy Communion under both kinds: the Body and the Blood under the appearances of bread and wine. Many people would be surprised to know that this is an exception because this is practiced regularly at the Masses in their parish. It's not supposed to be which is why it is an exception granted to the NCW. Pastors should look this up in the GIRM and find out why it is an exception and not the norm, and then comply with it. 

The other exception is that communicants may remain in their place to receive communion. Churches would have to get rid of their pews to do this and a seating pattern would need to created that would allow the ministers of Holy Communion to distribute communion in this way. It is wholly illogical and is only possible in the NCW because their "Masses" are held in small communities. 

However, I would like us to return to a time where the priest did "come to us". It was called a communion rail, and we would kneel and wait until "Jesus" came to us. I can remember having at least a minute or two kneeling at the rail, looking up at the crucifix and waiting for Jesus. We were taught to say some prayers during that time. It was always special and beautiful . I completely reject the idea of the "bread line" we have now and wonder where in the heck that came from. It has contributed to so many abuses. So I actually agree with the NCW wanting to transform the reception of Holy Communion into a moment wherein the reception of the Lord can be more fully appreciated and contemplated. But because of WHO I am receiving I would want to kneel, not sit. "At the name of Jesus every knee must bend." How much moreso upon receiving Him, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

But then now we come to the question as to whether the Neo doctrine really teaches that the consecrated bread and wine is really Jesus. So far, as we have learned, in the Neo doctrines Jesus is only "mysteriously present" at Holy Communion, not actually. And this is where the pope would be struck dead if he tried to promulgate such an error. 

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