Thursday, May 1, 2014


Confronted with sheer indisputable facts, here is how the Peace/Joy people respond:
You are hypocritical again. When people use their names, you jump on them and orchestrate mobbing attacks against them. That is your reality You are a violent person who cannot take opposing views. 

Hmmm. Other than Zoltan, I can't think of anyone from your side who has used their name, their real one. Yet you say "people". And mobbing attacks? Orchestrate? Guess you haven't been to Diana's blog. (Hmmm. "Violent". Rene Girard. Seminary. I think we're getting close.)
You push Fr. Paul into a vicious battle as your foot soldier that may deeply hurt and divide the church and the faithful of Guam. 
Fr. Paul my foot soldier? Wow, you give me way to much credit, dude. Hurt and divide the church? Oh, stop. Flattery will get you nowhere. But the only reason you care about hurt and division is because now you are on the losing side. People have been hurt and divided in this diocese for 30 years, and especially the last ten (guess why). Bet you could give a damn then. Right?
If there is an error here, the church will correct it. Why don't you trust this on the church in good faith? Don't you believe in the canonical procedure? Then why aren't you patient enough and wait for its conclusion? 
Fr. Paul's cause is only going forward because lay people came behind him with money and support. The church would have corrected nothing had not awareness been raised as to his plight. There would be no "canonical procedure" and nothing to "wait for", which is exactly what you wanted, right? BTW, Fr. Paul himself went to the media. He didn't come to me. 
You truly seem to want to inflict much damage on the Catholic church out of sheer anger. People perceive this as your goal. Fr. Paul keeps his distance from you for a good reason.
And so should you. Just remember, all this will go away as soon as the Archbishop makes it clear that he personally authorizes the liturgical practices of the Neocatechumenal Way that are not currently authorized in the Statute. It's that easy. BTW, you sure are sounding more and more like the Archbishop. At least that's what people close to you tell me. 

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