Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Dear Zoltan, as I've warned you before, if you're going to play in the jungle as a wolf in sheep's clothing, you need to remember to tuck your tail into the behind of your very poor costume and button it shut. It's very visible. Do you think that after a year now of engaging your diatribe that I wouldn't be able to spot you? What a shame that you've sunk to this. 

And so you even consider Archbishop Apuron to be a failure before the Neocatechumenal Jesus arrived on Guam in 1990! I'm busy now so I'll post your comment in full for everyone to see. Don't worry, I'll be back with my comments. Nice to know you still play in the jungle.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A SAD DAY FOR GUAM": 

If you get offended by a little statement made at the fund raiser, what will you do when we come out with the whole truth? Please, do not listen to me, I am just repeating what Kiko told me, as obviously I am incapable of doing anything else. How much better it is, for example, to mindlessly regurgitate CCC as final and only truth, without proper insight or understanding of the context of Catholic dogmatic history, right Tim?

The truth is that Jesus is coming in many different forms to any community, in epiphany and prayer, in the Pope's visit and establishing a seminary, in the Sacraments and in the mass, in Resurrection and in Pentecost. So what is the point of offense? Nobody talked here exclusively. Now of course, 350 years ago the Jesuits arrived to Guam. Good point! But I miss the presence of the same Jesuits from Guam at our time. Where are they now, when the reign of a Jesuit Pope became reality?

Here is the truth about being alive in your faith: a Catholic community shows signs of life when it reaches out and evangelizes the needy and the unbeliever. The NCW has a built-in feature of evangelizing, manifested among other things in the ongoing Great Missions between Easter and Pentecost. Just like in a family, the offspring is a sign of vitality, but lack of children is a sign of voluntary or involuntary barrenness. 

Without the NCW the % of Catholic population of Guam would be shrinking, because increasingly more people choose other churches for their spiritual need. Guam had over 90% Catholics a decade ago, now it is 85%. Only the NCW can reverse this trend. Now, my Catholic sisters and brothers, please, put your hand over your chest and admit honestly that without the NCW you could not do much about the trends of secularization and the decline of Catholic culture. So you should be happy for the NCW. Cheers! 


If you want to know why I know this is Zoltan, compare comments

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