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Dear Zoltan, as I've warned you before, if you're going to play in the jungle as a wolf in sheep's clothing, you need to remember to tuck your tail into the behind of your very poor costume and button it shut. It's very visible. Do you think that after a year now of engaging your diatribe that I wouldn't be able to spot you? What a shame that you've sunk to this. 

And so you even consider Archbishop Apuron to be a failure before the Neocatechumenal Jesus arrived on Guam in 1990! I'm busy now so I'll post your comment in full for everyone to see. Don't worry, I'll be back with my comments. Nice to know you still play in the jungle.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A SAD DAY FOR GUAM": 

If you get offended by a little statement made at the fund raiser, what will you do when we come out with the whole truth? Please, do not listen to me, I am just repeating what Kiko told me, as obviously I am incapable of doing anything else. How much better it is, for example, to mindlessly regurgitate CCC as final and only truth, without proper insight or understanding of the context of Catholic dogmatic history, right Tim?

The truth is that Jesus is coming in many different forms to any community, in epiphany and prayer, in the Pope's visit and establishing a seminary, in the Sacraments and in the mass, in Resurrection and in Pentecost. So what is the point of offense? Nobody talked here exclusively. Now of course, 350 years ago the Jesuits arrived to Guam. Good point! But I miss the presence of the same Jesuits from Guam at our time. Where are they now, when the reign of a Jesuit Pope became reality?

Here is the truth about being alive in your faith: a Catholic community shows signs of life when it reaches out and evangelizes the needy and the unbeliever. The NCW has a built-in feature of evangelizing, manifested among other things in the ongoing Great Missions between Easter and Pentecost. Just like in a family, the offspring is a sign of vitality, but lack of children is a sign of voluntary or involuntary barrenness. 

Without the NCW the % of Catholic population of Guam would be shrinking, because increasingly more people choose other churches for their spiritual need. Guam had over 90% Catholics a decade ago, now it is 85%. Only the NCW can reverse this trend. Now, my Catholic sisters and brothers, please, put your hand over your chest and admit honestly that without the NCW you could not do much about the trends of secularization and the decline of Catholic culture. So you should be happy for the NCW. Cheers! 


If you want to know why I know this is Zoltan, compare comments


  1. Well, I might or might not be Zoltan. What difference would it make to you? What is for sure, you are not getting engaged in mature level discussion about the Catholic faith. Your repeated posting of other person's comments, rather than your own, is a clear evidence. But be happy, the life is good and God is present at Guam. Cheers! ;)

    1. You are not even the same person who posted the original comment. More LOL.

    2. Are you REALLY playing "Who am I?" with the MODERATOR of the blog? Do you not know how these things work?

  2. My guess is that most of these posts if from the NCW come from Our Lady of Safe Journey community in Chalan Pago. Will explain later!

    1. I have a very odd feeling that this may be true. I think Zoltan is a member of one of the communities here.

  3. Interesting....why can I not attend the Tuesday, Thursday meetings? Am I not an initiated Catholic or must I be initiated into a group to qualify membership? This is wrong!

    Pay attention to the last statement....We will not disobey the Statutes!!!!!!!

    DianaMay 26, 2014 at 6:49 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 4:57 p.m.,

    You are always welcome to come to Way's Eucharist, but you cannot attend the celebration of the Word on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That is only for community members.

    AnonymousMay 27, 2014 at 4:48 AM
    Why not.

    DianaMay 27, 2014 at 7:04 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 4:48 a.m.,

    The Statutes of the Way, which was approved by the Holy See holds that the weekly celebration of the word is only for the communities. The convivinece is also only for the communities. Only the Eucharist is open to non-members. The Statutes were approved specifically for the NCW, and it says that the Eucharist is open to others. (Chapter III, Section 2, Article 13). Everything else in the Statutes are instructions for the NCW members. We are not going to disobey the Statutes.

    1. Actually it says nothing about the celebration of the word being ONLY for the communities:

      Statute – Final Approved Text – June 2008 8
      with the monthly convivences, indicating the formative biblical themes for the celebration of the
      Chapter III
      Word, Liturgy and Community
      Section 1
      Word of God
      Art. 11
      [Weekly celebration of the Word]
      § 1. Every neocatechumenal community has a weekly celebration of the Word of God,33
      usually with four readings,34 according to the themes indicated by the Orientations for the Teams
      of Catechists for each step.
      § 2. In the celebration of the Word of God, before the homily, the presbyter invites whoever
      wishes among those present to express briefly how the Word which has been proclaimed has
      spoken to his life. In the homily, which holds a privileged place in the instruction of the
      Neocatechumenate,35 the presbyter extends the proclamation of the Word,36 interpreting it
      according to the Magisterium37 and actualizing it in the “today” of the journey of faith of the
      § 3. Each celebration of the Word is prepared with care, in turn, by a group of the
      community, with the help, whenever possible, of the presbyter. The group chooses the readings
      and the songs,38 prepares the monitions and arranges the room and the liturgical signs for the
      celebration, caring with zeal for its dignity and beauty.39
      § 4. In order to enter more deeply into the Scriptures “with the mind and the heart of the
      Church”,40 the neocatechumens make use, above all, of the writings of the Fathers, of the
      documents of the Magisterium, specially the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and of works of
      spiritual writers.

      But this is where they do all that soul spilling stuff. But "won't disobey the statutes"????

  4. MEMBERS ON!Y? Sounds like the MASON-Dixons! No secrets to be heard, b..ching about the Jungle discussed and what the next plan of attack is, and how to preach and evangelized so that they can become fully initiated and in FULL COMMUNION with the CATHOLIC CHURCH!

  5. "Without the NCW the % of Catholic population of Guam would be shrinking, because increasingly more people choose other churches for their spiritual need. Guam had over 90% Catholics a decade ago, now it is 85%"

    Ooops the Forked Tongue speaks; someone just spilled the beans again.

    If this is true then I would logically conclude that NCW was the main cause of this 'shrinking' of the faith since it was their group that infiltrated Guam just over a decade ago.
    NCW/NEO, you must be careful what you reveal, you surely don't want everyone to know the 'Truth' would you!

    1. Why do you suppose many ran to the New Covenant Church?

    2. Ummm, because of the Archbishop?

    3. Ding,ding,ding...you are a winner!

    4. The archbishop has had more than 25 years to evangelize and strengthen the faith in Guam. The opposite happened instead. Then he allows(and joins) the Neo some 20 years ago. He will retire in 7 years. Abortions became bountiful during his reign, and so did divorces and family violence. The number of Catholics leaving their faith to other churches is at an all time high and still happening. He stops bingo in the parishes because protestant ministers were complaining, and not just bingos, but raffles, forcing many parishes and Catholic schools to jump huge hurdles to fund their operations. Harvest and St. John's flourished as well as protestant churches. The Neo has come to divide than to evangelize and unite. We pay for foreigners to become priests while neglecting our own. Our Catholic faith in Guam will flourish again once this archbishop retires and his successor works to unite than divide. Let's pray.

    5. And the victims of sexual abuse that we know of all took place under the watch of archbishop Apuron not archbishop Flores.

    6. I allowed the comment but I want you to send me documentation within 24 hours. junglewatch.info@gmail.com

  6. ding-ding-ding...my Parish is dead. the property is covered w/ dog $#t, garbage & dead trees; the grounds are overgrown & being choked out by invasive vines (a metaphor perhaps?!); non-members of the kiko-cats are being snubbed (you think I'm kidding!!); kiko kitch all over the basement dining hall where their 'celebrations' are held for members only; the 100 year old Crucifix is gone; the portrait of the Priest who was pastor here for 40 years taken down; a steady stream of strange young men coming & going &, &! the Pastor is away on some crucial trip!

    "The second wind is the destruction of faith" http://www.locutions.org/2014/05/4-the-winds-of-history/

    1. We stand and receive.

    2. Yes it is true that they stand and receive, but after receiving sit and then wait to consume. I never knew that the presider sits, hold the host and says, this is the body......then all consume. Then someone hands the presider the chalice still sitting, raises the chalice and says...then drinks. The chalice is then handed over to whomever and in turn this,person gives the congregation to drink.

    3. The reason I said "No you don't" is because the Church does not separate receiving from consuming and the Neo has no permission to do so. They are required to follow the GIRM in this regard like the rest of the Church and to consume "as soon as" the host is given to them. Instead, they sit down still holding the host and do not consume until the presbyter himself sits down, still holding the host, and then signals the rest to consume. This is not just their central act of disobedience. This is a central statement that they believe something different about the Eucharist than the church teaches. That Pope Benedict ordered them not to do this. That Pope Benedict soon thereafter implored them not to do this. That their Statute disallowed them from doing this. That they still continue to do this is why we say they are not Catholic. And we will continue to say it.

    4. Yes, exactly right - theirs is a different Eucharistic theology than that of the Catholic Church. You can see the procedure here, around the 10 minute mark: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrsbFOvLH0w

    5. That video! Should be retitled: "Lord, How Do I Treat You Illicitly? Let Me Count the Ways. . ."

  7. I suppose they separate the two words.....receive- to be handed to....consume...to eat. We on the other hand say we have received communion not consume communion.

    1. In the Catholic lexicon, to "receive" The Blessed Sacrament is an ontological statement.

    2. And so to make sure everyone understood exactly what "receive" meant, the GIRM added the words "as soon as" as in "As soon as the communicant receives the host, he or she consumes it entirely." GIRM 161

    3. What is the NCW? After listening to all the presenters giving the problematic testimonies in church, I finally realized the the NCW is!

      It is the ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL for people who cannot cope with their problems. After you learn the mechanism of survival you get promoted to the PACE PROGRAM, which are the steps to surviving. During this course in time, you are somewhat in the atmosphere of MENTAL HEALTH where they mentally indoctrinated you to believing that this is the only way to survival of the fittest!

      If the NCW priests/seminary were to relocate elsewhere, would the NCW members be lost somewhere in time? Is the NCW a crutch for them to hold on to somewhat like a security blanket? So many what IFS...no more small community masses due to no NCW presbyter; no more convivence; no more scrutiny; no more, no more, no more......wishful thinking, but what if?