Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dear Archbishop Apuron,

Did you notice? Did you notice that you and your priests are irrelevant to the hierarchy of the Neocatechumenal Way? Diana explains:

If your next question is 'why we consume the Body of Christ sitting down, ' the answer is because we are told to do so by the Team Catechists. The members are obedient to the Team Catechists who is in communion with Kiko Arguello who is in communion with the Pope. According to the Team Catechists, these instructions came from Kiko who in turn received the same instructions from the Pope
Sure, Diana is just a blogger, a "walker", for eight years "she" said. But "she" is not telling us anything the rest of us have not been seeing for much longer than that. What we have seen, heard, demonstrated, and witnessed is that you and your priests are but placeholders, necessary for now, yes, but to be discarded once Kiko completes his revolution.

The "chain of command", the hierarchy of the Kiko-church is just as Diana calmly explains: Pope - Kiko - Catechists - Members. You and your priests/presbyters are nowhere to be found. Oh, sure, they use you because they have to for the sake of legitimacy for now. But as you can see, you matter not a wit in their chain of command. 

True, those words are just a repost of what someone copied from her blog, and she may have even deleted them by now after realizing just what secrets she has given away. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because THIS ISN'T A SECRET. Everything posted there is not only widely known by everyone who is not in the NCW, but is in fact accepted and celebrated as dogma by everyone who is IN IT...and we have to assume THAT INCLUDES YOU!

Archbishop, in our Church, the Catholic one, our hierarchy goes like this: Pope - Bishop - Priest - People. This is what we want to see, and this is what we DON'T see in this diocese. And now we see it clearly and calmly explained by the information godhead for the local communities of the Neocatechemenal Way, all of which are under your auspices...or are supposed to be. 

But, AGAIN, it doesn't matter who "Diana" is or what "she" says, "she" is only confirming what all of us on the "outside" have been watching and wondering and shaking our heads in disbelief about for a very long time. 

And so, if all that is necessary is Pope - Kiko - Catechist and NOT Pope - Bishop - Priest, WHAT ARE WE DOING SPENDING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR A SEMINARY? 

Lastly, just a heads up. For several months I have been approached by people who are willing to finance a public campaign exposing the problems in the Archdiocese. They are willing to pay for space and time in the public media. They believe that the exposure of these problems has to go beyond this little blog and mere notes to the nuncio. I advised not to do that yet. But if you start seeing any of this in the paper, just know that I'm not the one paying for it. 

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